What is cremation jewelry?

by Alex Johnson January 30, 2019 3 min read

cremation jewelry for ashes inside presentation box


After suffering the loss of a loved one, many people find solace in the belief that even in death, our loved ones never really leave us, and that in memory of them, we keep them close by our side. Knowing that Grandmother is looking down on you from Heaven during Thanksgiving brings a feeling of serenity.  Feeling the spirit of your father beside you, as you walk down the aisle on your wedding day reminding you of his everlasting love.


To strengthen this notion of keeping our loved ones close, even after they’ve left this world, many people find a strong sense of comfort from wearing cremation jewelry, or what’s also known as remembrance jewelry, for its ability to provide us with a constant reminder of our loved ones.


Cremation jewelry is designed to allow the wearer to keep the ashes of their loved one with them at all times.  Jewelry that is made to be cremation jewelry contains a small compartment or space that functions as a type of wearable urn, where a small portion of ashes can be placed inside to then be worn on the individual.  Some wearers prefer to fill their cremation jewelry with ashes, while others might use a small lock of hair, a pinch of sand from the beach where you spread their ashes, dried flowers from the funeral, or whatever small item you have from your loved one.


Within the small remembrance pendant is a latch or screw which can be undone to allow you to fill the small compartment then safely and securely keep it closed and protected.  Many of these pendants also have a smooth back whereupon you can engrave the initials of your loved one, or some other minimal message or reminder.


Since many cremation jewelry pieces are in the form of pendants, they can be worn as necklaces, bracelets, keychains, or rings. These pendants come in a wide variety of shapes and styles, the most common of which is a heart pendant. Other designs include tags, tubes, butterflies, infinity pendants, or other unique shapes and designs.  They also come in a variety of materials, the most common of which is sterling silver. Other materials include gold, pewter, or glass pendants.  Some pendants even come decorated with gemstones or crystals for those looking for something with a little more flair. 


Some individuals find daily solace in wearing their cremation jewelry on a daily basis, whether it’s hanging delicately around their neck, or sitting snug upon their finger.  To be able to know that at all times someone is close at hand might make each day a bit easier to get through. On the other hand, perhaps you’re not looking for something for daily wear, which is also a wonderful use of cremation jewelry. Perhaps that loved one’s birthday is always a struggle, or maybe holidays are just a bit too difficult.  Cremation jewelry can be designed and worn as an everyday piece of jewelry or as special occasion piece.  Regardless of how often you decide to wear it, you know that should you need it, your loved one can always be close at hand.

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