Cremation Jewelry


While cremation urns are the most common form of storage for ashes, some people may seek out different ways to memorialize their cremated loved ones. A great method of honoring someone and keeping them close at all times is cremation jewelry. After scattering ashes, families often will want to keep a small portion of ashes for themselves to carry their loved one with them. 

This is where cremation jewelry comes in; ashes jewelry is created with a small compartment that allows for a portion of ashes or personal mementos (lock of hair, sand/soil from scattering/burial site) to be stored, creating a handheld memorial of a loved one. Jewelry to hold ashes offers the chance to keep a loved one close at all times in a subtle way, so love and grief may be expressed without drawing too much attention to the purpose behind the jewelry piece. 

Unique human ashes jewelry - honor the memory of your loved ones

Cremation jewelry can also be given as a gift to the bereaved to help them through their grief after the passing of their loved one. In doing so, the jewelry can serve as a family heirloom to be passed down for generations. 

Included with each ash holder is a filling kit which is made to assist the process of placing cremains or mementos inside of the piece. If filling the cremation jewelry is too emotionally difficult, consider calling a local funeral home or crematory. Funeral professionals may be able to fill the piece for free or a small fee.

Different varieties of Cremation Jewelry

Taking the form of pendants, bracelet beads, and even earrings, jewelry to hold ashes comes in a variety of forms to suit every purpose and occasion. Here at GetUrns we offer a wide selection of cremation jewelry and human ashes jewelry along with all kinds of metals: rhodium plated, sterling silver cremation jewelry, and solid/plated gold.

Choose from our exclusive collection of Sterling Silver Cremation Jewelry

Sterling silver necklace for ashes and beads alike come in various forms as well; everything from feathers, hearts, butterflies, etc can be found when looking through our selection of sterling silver cremation jewelry.


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