Adult Harmony Light Cremation Urn for Ashes - Cobalt Metallic

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  • Capacity 237 cu. Inches
    Dimensions 11.2"H x 7.6"W x 9”L
    Material Ceramic
    Opening Bottom Filled
    Size Adult Urns
    What's Included Candle
  • This handmade art urn for ashes is truly a masterpiece of ceramics. "Light" is a unique memorial that provides a sensation of calmness and warmth, keeping the memories of a loved one forever. The candle light reflects on the inner side of the urn, showing the real beauty of this handcrafted memorial, while the ashes are stored in the walls of the urn.

    The bold color, once reserved royalty, represents faith, wisdom, and heaven while turning this graceful ceramic art urn into a statement piece..

     High-quality ceramic cremation art urn for human ashes, suitable for home, garden or columbarium. This is an adult size urn.



    Bottom filled/ No bag needed

    Suitable for outdoors and home

    Has a place for a candle / Comes with a candle insert tool.

    Material: Ceramic

    height 28.5 cm | 11.2 in
    width 19.5 cm | 7.6 in
    length 23 cm | 9 in
    capacity 3.9 L | 237 cu in
    weight 3.3 kg | 7.2 lbs.

    This urn is suitable for the ashes of an adult that weighs between 60 lbs. - 235 lbs.


    Please note, that we recommend sealing our large urns with adhesive(glue) suitable for ceramic surfaces. This is done in order to prevent spilling of the ashes. Ceramic lids are without threads and DO NOT close tightly, which may lead to ashes spill if not sealed.

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