Caring for Cremation Jewelry

by Alex Johnson March 06, 2020 3 min read

With how beautiful cremation jewelry can be, it’s understandable to forget that the pretty charm braceletor nicependant you’re wearing, serves a greater purpose than simply adornment. Cremation jewelry is close to sacred; acting as a mobile memorial of a loved one to always keep them close.

With the delicate nature of urn jewelry, it’s vital to understand how to properly care for it to hinder tarnishing and corrosion. Here are some basic tips for how to prevent damage, how to clean, and how to store your cremation jewelry.


How to Prevent Any Damages to
Memorial Jewelry for Ashes

Cremation jewelry comes in various forms; here at GetUrns we offer a wide selection of pet cremation jewelry and human ashes jewelry along with all kinds of metals: sterling silver, rhodium plated, sterling silver, and solid/plated gold. Every piece of cremation jewelry requires general maintenance to keep them looking shiny and fresh.

Something as simple as wearing your sterling silver urn jewelry can keep the silver from tarnishing. The natural oils on your skin add lustre to the piece and will prevent darkening. Gold won’t tarnish but can deteriorate since it’s a soft metal when exposed to chemicals. There are some daily things that can cause tarnishing or wear so keep a lookout for: certain body lotions, perfumes, cosmetics, direct sunlight and exposure to water.

As tempting as it may be to wear your cremation jewelry day in and out, it’s unwise to do so while showering, swimming, or exercising- the sweat and chemicals will hurt the piece, regardless of the metal type. You must also take care to not allow any moisture to enter the chamber and interfere with the physical remnant of your loved one - whether the contents are ashes or a lock of hair. Submerging any cremation jewelry in water can introduce humidity inside, potentially disturbing your loved one inside.

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Steps to Care for Cremation Jewelry

You must be very careful with the chemicals used for cleaning; the majority of commercial cleaners cause varying degrees of harm to cremation jewelry. Bleach or bleach base products will darken a sterling silver piece and can completely dissolve solid gold if left to soak long enough.

A good rule of thumb for all jewelry metals is to simply give a good rubbing with dry, lint free cloth, 1-2 times a month. This will remove any built up oils or grime and expose the natural lustre of the pendant or bead. While there are plenty of silver or gold soaks for you to use, we do not personally recommend any of these be used since the liquid could compromise the piece and damage the remnants placed inside.


How to Properly Store Cremation Jewelry

There will be many occasions in which you cannot wear your cremation jewelry; while swimming, showering, sleeping. In these moments, we highly recommend keeping your necklace or bracelet safely stored away from direct sunlight to maintain the piece’s lustre. Display boxes and cases are a viable option for storing your necklace or bracelet when not in use. This isn’t always necessary however; when you purchase a LoveUrns Treasure piece for example, you receive a complimentary display box for safekeeping of your loved one in between wears.


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 We all understand that these jewelry pieces are far from superficial; they’re a memorial of a lost loved one, allowing you the opportunity to hold them close to you wherever you go. Whether it’s a piece of pet ashes jewelry or human ashes jewelry, each one requires care and maintenance to keep them looking shiny and new. It’s very important to understand what steps to take in preventing damage, cleaning, and storing your cremation jewelry. Make sure to search the rest of GetUrns to find a cremation jewelry piece that will do a loved one justice.


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