Personalization of Cremation Urns

Common Phrases on Cremation Urns

Similar to date formats, you can choose different kinds of phrases for engraving to commemorate your loved one. Personalization options vary from phrases like "In Loving Memory Of" before the name to some quote or even a joke that reminds you of the time shared with your loved one. Our team of designers are always happy to provide personalization suggestions and ideas in order to make the urn truly unique and special . We have listed below, some commonly used phrases for reference.


Forever in our Hearts / Always in our Hearts

Forever Loved / Always Loved

Rest in Peace

Beloved (Mother, Father, Brother, etc.)

In (Loving) Memory of


Date Formats

Based on the size and type of the cremation urn, the dates can be written in different styles and formats. The rule of thumb is very simple, the larger the size of the urn, more characters it can fit. For example, a full sized Adult Cremation urn can fit the entire Months (Eg, January, February etc.) but a Keepsake can only fit Years (Eg, 1934-2019 etc.). Below are some common date formats.


1/11/1947 - 10/23/2016

1/11/47 - 10/23/16

September 21, 1921 - February 3, 2008

1921 - 2008


Fonts Choices

At GetUrns, we provide our customers 4 fonts to choose from for personalization. One of the most popular font among our customers is 'Script'. Times is also a popular choice. Our engraving department is always happy to suggest what font looks better on which cremation urn. We are also open to your Custom Font Requests provided that it would be visible on the selected cremation urn


We have a large selection of artwork that can be engraved on our products. To see all the artwork, please click on the link below.