Bloom™ Two Tone Sterling Silver Cremation Bracelet Bead

  • Capacity A Pinch
    Dimensions 10mmH x 10mmW
    Material 925 Sterling Silver
    Opening screw located at back
    Size Bead
    What's Included Elegant Treasure Box™ with filling and care kit. Compatible with all popular and high end Bracelets. Bracelet can also be purchased separately. SKU GLU-AC1001
  • The Bloom Rhodium Plated Bead beautifully takes on the form of a striking young flower the morning after it has bloomed. This flower has five delicate petals, all made from 925 sterling silver and coated in rhodium plating.

    This expands the lifetime of the bead, by preventing rust and corrosion, resisting scratches, and maintaining durability. The beauty is in the two-toned details, as three of the petals are a polished and smooth silver, while two petals embrace a textured finish to provide contrast and dimension.

    The flower in bloom evokes feelings of new life, and new changes, as one might experience after losing a loved one. To help you remember them, this cremation jewelry has a small compartment for a pinch of ashes to be placed inside.

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