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Finding the perfect urn

Step 1: Consider the final resting place

Urns have different meanings and associations for different people. For some, they provide a way to Cherish the memory of a loved one. For others, they provide closure, to Commemorate the life of the departed. And for some, the perfect urn provides a way to Celebrate the life and legacy of a loved one


Your loved one’s remains can be preserved in an elegant urn placed in a special spot in your home. This allows family members and friends an opportunity to remember that loved one and admire the decorative vessel. Metal, Marble, Cloisonné, Wood and Glass are the popular choices. Cremation Urns are available both in traditional and contemporary styles. Many contemporary urns do not look like standard urns - they have unique shapes such as a shape of a bird or a heart which look more like sculptures. 

Columbariums and Niches

A columbarium is a place too for storing urns, so they give a specific place to visit the deceased. A niche is a recessed space in a wall or in a columbarium used to place urns containing cremated. They vary a lot in sizes.  Some columbarium niches are designed for specific size urns while others may contain a double size space for two urns or even larger niches for multiple urns. We advise you to check with the columbarium or niche manager to make sure that the cremation urn you choose will fit within the space and meet any other requirement they may have.


Scattering has become an increasingly meaningful way to remember a loved one by providing the family an opportunity to choose an ideal final resting place. Scattering urns are designed for loved ones who wish their remains to be scattered.  Some scattering urns are made to scatter the ashes at sea and some are better suited to scatter the ashes over land and some are suited for both. Each state has its own laws on scattering, So as part of your planning, check local, state laws and federal laws that may apply. 


Many cemeteries have urn gardens specifically designated for burying urns. The burial urns are interments where ashes are buried inside an urn in the ground. A small marker is typically added to the urn burial plot. For burial, metal or bronze is often the material of choice. Burial urns come in various sizes to contain ashes of a child, an adult, or even two people. 

Step 2: Choosing the right size Urn

It is very important to consider the size and dimension of the urn you are purchasing. All products have these details on the product page.

Keepsake Urns

  • Popular for dividing loved ones remains among family and friends
  • Typically hold between 3-5 cubic inches of ashes
  • Keepsakes come in traditional urn shapes but also tealight and cremation jewelry

Small/Medium Urns

  • Another popular choice for dividing ashes among family and friends
  • Can be used for children
  • Typically hold between 20 to 45 cubic inches

Large/Extra Large Urns

  • Commonly phrased as Adult Urns
  • Typically hold between 180-220 cubic inches
  • Extra Large urns are commonly selected for people over 6 Feet tall or over 230 lbs.

Step 3: Picking Your Material

Brass and Metal

The most common urn material, Brass and Metal offers stunning details and color options. These urns are also provide you with the assurance of durability and quality.


Whether you plan to scatter the cremation ashes, bury the loved one at sea or in the ground, biodegradable urns are a perfect green option for sending your loved one to their final resting place.


Another popular choice, wood cremation urns are stylish ways to store your loved ones ashes. Wood urns offer a wide variety of ways to personalize and engrave the urn.


Marble Urns are an elegant way to store your loved ones cremation ashes. Marble offers a sleek and modern approach to cremation urns. Very durable material.

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