Keepsake Gold Blessing Birds Cremation Urn

Size Guide
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  • The Keepsake Gold Blessing Bird cremation urn instantly inspires one to feel uplifted in mood and spirit. This cremation urn is a keepsake urn which is sized to hold a fragment of adult urns. It has a two-toned coloring of a soft, creamy pink complemented with light gold.

    The urn is decorated with a hand engraving and pink pearlescent applique, which has been applied by hand and baked onto the surface of the piece. The engraving depicts a small bird nestled firmly in the branches of a small tree, with leaves and flowers sprouting all over.

    The top of the urn also has a bit more of the pink-pearlescent enamel banked onto its surface to match the body. It is a perfect cremation urn for those wanting a light, positive, and upbeat urn to remember a loved one.