7 Ways To Keep The Cremated Remains At Home

by Taylor Evans July 08, 2022 4 min read

When a loved one dies, it’s a difficult time for the entire family. You need to make many plans, including setting up funeral arrangements. However, once the process is over, you stillhave one task left: keeping the cremated remains.

Scattering urns or jewelry to hold ashes won’t be a part of these recommendations, but they’re a good option if you want to keep your loved one close to you.

7 Ideas for Keeping Cremated Remains at Home

1. Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a beautiful addition to any wall. You can add multiple shelves on walls that can hold items, such as the person’s remains, pictures, sentimental items and other items. However, the remains can also be on the shelf along with a picture of the person.

When you have floating shelves, the remains become part of the décor and allow you to remember the person without keeping the looming feeling of grief over your head.

You'll find multiple shelving ideas that fit into this concept, and you can add overhead lighting to draw additional attention to the piece.

2. Mantle

One of the most popular places to put cremated remains is on the mantle. Your mantle can be the focal point of the living room, or it can be put in a sitting room if you wish. The idea is that the mantle is often a place in the room that gets a lot of attention.

For example, many people place their televisions above their mantles.

Underneath the mantle is often a fireplace, which also acts as a focal point for the room. The mantle is one of the best options if you don’t have a dedicated space for the person’s cremated remains at home.

You can also place a picture, flowers, bible or other items on the mantle.

3. Memorial Walls

Memorial walls are one of the most touching places to put someone’s urn, and they function very similarly to a memorial table. However, you’ll create an entire wall that will act as a memorial for your loved one.

You can also do this if you have pet cremation urns.

The idea is to create a special room or space for the deceased, and you can do the following:

  • Place the urn on the wall with a shelf or on a table against the wall
  • Cover the wall with pictures of the deceased
  • Create a framed montage on the wall

Of course, if your loved one had a favorite sport’s team or saying, you can find ways to add these to the wall, too. For example, you can add a sports team’s flag to the wall or get a printout and place it on the wall.

Some people will also place shelving on the wall to place accolades of the person on them, such as trophies.

Memorial walls are a great option when honoring a loved one. You can even add art into the mix to make the wall as beautiful as the loved one who was lost.

4. Memorial Table

Memorial tables are a very common option for placing an urn because they allow you to dedicate a small space to the person. You can do a lot with these tables, and they may include multiple items:

  • Picture frame(s) that show the loved one alive and well
  • Items to remember the person, such as school photos, diplomas or other items
  • Religious texts
  • Candle
  • Anything else that may be of importance

Sometimes, loved ones will place items, such as grandpa’s old tackle box or favorite hat, on the table. Setting up one of these tables is one of the most touching ways to honor the person that you lost.

If you want to place a piece of art on the table, you might want to consider cremation art that can memorialize the person in an entirely new way.

5. Cremation Art

Loved ones are growing tired of looking at wooden urns for ashes, so people are turning to creating cremation art. This type of art is growing in popularity and involves working with a company or artist that will use the person’s ashes in a decorative piece of art.

The cremation art can be a multitude of things, including:

  • Candle holders
  • Centerpieces
  • Sculptures
  • Stained Glass

Some artists mix ashes into the paint to make art with the person’s ashes included. There are also beautiful vases, lamps and other items that can be made with cremation art.

6. Cremation Stones

Cremation stones are another growing trend that we’re seeing more families choose for their loved ones. These stones are made by using a solidifying process, which will turn the ashes into “stones” that can be used as:

  • Decorations
  • Pebbles

Many families keep the cremation stones in the garden or any area out in the open. Stones are made similar to how ceramics are made, wherein the ashes are turned into a type of clay and then hardened in a kiln.

7. Combine Houseplants and Ashes

Plants are a symbol of regrowth and life. When someone that dies loves certain plants or even gardening, one option to consider is combining the person’s ashes with the soil you use in houseplants. The person’s ashes can help “feed” the plant, and this growth can be beautiful and act as a remembrance of the person.

However, there is some concern for certain types of plants.

Human ashes, unlike wood ashes, have higher salt content. Ashes work best with plants that are watered frequently because the salt can absorb the water and starve out the plant. However, if you use just a small amount of ashes, it does contain:

  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Phosphorous

To be on the safe side, keep most of the person’s ashes in the metal urn – or any urn you have – and place a very small amount in the plant soil.

Of course, if you want to wear human ashes jewelry, you can take just a small amount of ashes and take them with you. There's no need for concern - sterling silver cremation jewelry holds just a very small amount of ashes.

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