General Terms

  1. Our products are handcrafted by artisans using tried and true techniques. Because of the nature of handmade products, they are each individually unique and there can be variations in color and shape. Please note we have worked tirelessly to ensure product pictures displayed are as accurate as possible.
  2. Our graphic design team displays product images to the most accurate representation of the real thing. It is important to understand that product coloring is affected by the particular monitor or screen that you are using to view an image. How old the monitor may be, the brightness setting, these are all factors that play into how you view a product.
  3. All our urns have dimensions and capacity ratings on the product page. The dimensions will provide you with the size of the product. The capacity in cubic inches will provide you the amount the urn can hold. As these items are handcrafted it is possible the capacity can vary a few cubic inches. The measurement capacity listed on product pages is the most approximate rating.  
  4. It is important to double check that you have all the items that you selected in the shopping cart.
  5. GetUrns has multiple warehouses across the United States that hold different products and quantities of inventory. It is possible that your order may have multiple products that ship from different warehouses. Please keep in mind that we will get the items to you in a timely fashion according to the shipping options selected at checkout.
  6. It is advised to do a double check on your order confirmation email. We have a small window of time to address anything that was incorrect or that you want to change before processing an order.
  7. We will ship to the address that you provide.  Please make sure that all suite or apartment numbers are included on the order as we have no way of verifying.
  8. It is possible that shipping delays can occur for incidents outside of our capabilities. Any weather or shipping exemptions are out of our control. 
  9. Please read the entire product description and product details as they will provide you with all the correct information regarding what comes with a product.
  10. If your order contains engraving and submitted without a font selected, we will proceed with our most popular font: Monotype Corsiva.
  11. Please note we are unable to apply a discounted code after an order has been processed. Please make sure you apply any available discount codes during your checkout. Exceptions are not possible. 


Personalization Terms & Conditions

  1. Virtual display is an approximation of what the final product will look like. Our experienced graphic design team will ensure layout and engraving is aesthetically pleasing and correct.
  2. The color of engraving can vary 10-20% on the actual urn. We have taken the steps to ensure that the color displayed is most accurate to the product you will receive. The color of engraving is the color of the exposed metal after the engraving has removed the paint finish.
  3. We can only engrave off of the information you submit. You are responsible for the spelling, dates, and grammar input in the order. We urge you to triple check that the font selected, names and dates are accurate.
  4. Our system takes exactly what you submitted into our design software. We do not manually change text unless requested by the customer.
  5. If an order has already been engraved we have no way of stopping or changing an order.
  6. When we receive an order it is considered final and ready to be engraved. Depending on production schedule, we can engrave right after an order is submitted. So please triple check that the information is correct.
  7. Our laser engraving process removes the pigment on the urn to expose the natural metal underneath. The metal may present with natural textures from the casting process, this is normal and cannot be controlled. Due to this, we cannot ensure that the metal be perfectly smooth and texture free.
  8. Once engraved, an item can not be returned or exchanged. Engraving is a permanent application to the body of the urn. Beyond ensuring the correct text information please also make sure the correct size urn has been selected.
  9. If clipart is selected we will make sure that it is sized and placed correctly to the proof.
  10. Engraving adds 1-2 days of production to a standard ground order.