Remembering a Loved One: Selecting an Urn

by Alex Johnson November 16, 2018 3 min read

The passing of a loved one is often a surreal and challenging experience for a family. We may find ourselves feeling heartbroken and in pain at our loss, while simultaneously having bittersweet remembrances about their quirks, their habits, their favorite hobbies, all the little details we didn’t even know we recognized.  Even though it is difficult and emotional, we try to remember all the little details, so that we don’t feel overwhelmed with all the arrangements and phone calls and decisions that must be made.  


This is one of the reasons why selecting an appropriate urn for your loved one becomes a significant moment for those in mourning.After a passing, some of us find ourselves remembering mom’s affinity for the color bluebecause it reminded her of the beach, or how grandma always got a kick out of wearing gold bangles around her wrist. Colors often represent personalities, moods, or emotions, and it’s important to select just the right color urn for your loved one.  When you glance upon the urn, years from now, that deep cobalt blue might still remind you of your grandfather’s eyes, or the shiny lavender urn might evoke a sense of laughter and contentment that you always felt around your mother.  These bittersweet memories of your loved one can help guide you to selecting the most appropriate color urn you want them to rest in.


The material of the urn is also another consideration to make.  Brass urns are sturdy and durable, so you know they’re safe. Wooden urns feel homey and natural, while still elegant and proud. Marble or stone urns are elegant and classy, with such simplicity of style. If you want to place their urns into the earth, some urns are even biodegradable. Metallic urnshave an eye-catching sheen and can be engraved with various remembrances.


What kinds of feelings do you want your urn to evoke?What memories do you want to think of each time you glance upon the mantle and the urn catches your eye? The grieving process can be unforgiving, but having these small moments might bring some peace and serenity.  If you have to make the decision alone, it’s important to consider how you want to feel and how you want your loved one to be remembered.

Sometimes, the decision is left to a group of family members. It might be easier to have the support of others to help make this decision, so don’t feel like you have to make it alone.   Perhaps you might want to sit around the table and discuss what each person feels is important, what memories they have or what they want to remember and think of when they see the urn.


When one considers the sense of peace that comes with having selected the final resting place for your loved one, it becomes clear why the decision is such an important one.  Colors range from cherry purple to pearl silver to charcoal gray to lilac rose. Some urns can be engraved with a quote your loved one used to say on Sundays or an etched hummingbirdlike the one they used to love in the spring.  Perhaps you want something more eye-catching to match their personality, or something subtler to acknowledge their passing. There are also various shapes to consider, from the more traditional tall and slender urn, to the shorter and rounder urn, or more oval shaped urns. It also might be important to establish a pricing range, not because our love for them is not based off a willingness to spend money, but rather, the intent and purpose and thought that goes into their passing.


There are so many options for selecting an urn that it can be an overwhelming process for those already enduring an emotional time, which is why Get Urns is ready to help and support you in figuring out your needs and wants during this time.  Finding closure is a crucial part of the grieving process and knowing that you feel satisfied with the urn you’ve selected for your loved one is important to us.

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