Adult Speckled Indigo Cremation Urn

Size Guide
  • Capacity 200 cu. Inches
    Dimensions 10.5"H x 6"D
    Material Brass
    Opening Top-Screw on Lid
    Size Adult Urns
    What's Included Velvet Bag
  • The Adult Speckled Indigo cremation urn is a uniquely textured urn that evokes feelings of solitude and stoicness. The cremation urn has a traditional shape and is cast from brass.

    The urn is in a rich, deep ocean blue color, which often is seen to symbolize wisdom, loyalty, faith, and truth. The blue has been textured all over with a unique speckled effect, which provides depth and contrast to the rich blue color.

    Three silver accent bands of varying sizes embrace the upper end of the cremation urn to provide a bright contrast to the dark toned colors. This is an excellent urn to add a personalized engraving to for even more customization. It is a regal and rich urn to remember a loved one with.

    Learn more about Engraving and Personalization

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