Heart to Heart™ Sterling Silver Cremation Bracelet Bead with Clear Crystal

  • Capacity A Pinch
    Dimensions 12mmH x 11mmW
    Material 925 Sterling Silver
    Opening screw located at back
    Size Bead
    What's Included Elegant Treasure Box™ with filling and care kit. Compatible with all popular and high end Bracelets. Bracelet can also be purchased separately. SKU GLU-AC1001
  • The Heart to Heart bead is the perfect piece to wear on either a bracelet chain. The message of love is loud and clear with the double heart design, making it a perfect memorial piece of cremation jewelry to remember a loved one.

    The pendant itself is a small heart-shape with soft edges and rounded curves, making it incredibly delicate and strikingly beautiful. Although the material of the necklace is sterling silver, it has been plated in rhodium, a precious metal material which gives added brilliance and protection.

    It is beautiful silver in tone, and placed perfectly in its center is a heart-shaped crystal, bringing added dimension and elegance to the bead. It is a perfect way to remember someone and the love and adoration you felt for them.

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