Spell Your Love™ Gold Vermeil Cremation Bracelet Bead

  • Dimensions 12mmH x 11mmW
    Material 925 Sterling Silver
    Opening screw located at back
    Size Bead
    What's Included Elegant Treasure Box™ with filling and care kit. Compatible with all popular and high end Bracelets. Bracelet can also be purchased separately. SKU GLU-AC1001
  • The Spell Your Love bracelet is a charming and delicate piece of cremation jewelry, which is designed to both be beautiful and stylish on the wrist, but also hold just a touch of ashes inside.

    The heart-shaped pendant itself opens in the back with a small screw opening, through which just a pinch of ashes can be placed in. On the front surface of the pendant and written in elegant lettering is the word “Love”, a powerful reminder of our feelings for our deceased family member.

    The bead itself is crafted from 925 sterling silver, but coated with rhodium plating for added brilliance and protection. The lettering on the surface is done in gold vermeil, which is a high-quality gold plating that gracefully coats the silver, bringing a dazzling contrast between the silver and gold tones.

    Though they complement one another perfectly, they are each distinct in their own right. This is a beautiful piece to give as a gift to someone or to purchase for yourself to help memorialize a loved one, and pairs well with LoveUrns necklace or bracelet chains depending on how it is intended to be worn.

    *Bracelet is sold separately and can be found HERE

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