Heartfelt™ with Clear Crystal Gold Vermeil Two Tone Sterling Silver Cremation Pendant

  • Capacity A Pinch
    Dimensions 16mmH x 19mmW
    Material 925 Sterling Silver
    Opening screw located at back
    Size Pendant
    What's Included 20" Sterling Silver Snake Chain. Elegant Treasure Box™ with filling and care kit.
  • The Heartfelt Gold Vermeil pendant is one of the more exquisite pieces of cremation jewelry with a stunning detailing and contrast. The pendant takes on a traditional heart-shaped design with smooth, round curves all around.

    Dividing the center of the heart is a curved line, separating the dual-toned sides. On the left, the heart has been coated with gold vermeil, and on the right, with sterling silver. The contrast between the two is made more cohesive with a matching texture. At the very center of the pendant sits a perfectly placed crystal to bring added exquisiteness to the piece.

    The heart hangs gracefully  as it is looped through the upper curve of the heart. Perfect for a gift or for oneself, the true meaning in the necklace comes in the ability to place a small pinch of ashes or other memorabilia into the inside of the pendant.

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