Test Urn Size

Adult Urns

Adult Urns, sometimes referred to as Standard Urns or Large Urns, are the most common urn size for adult remains. Anyone weighing less than 220 lbs or shorter than 6ft before cremation will fit in a standard adult urn

Medium Urns

Medium Urns are another popular choice for dividing ashes among family and friends. Can be used for children. Typically hold between 20 to 45 cubic inches

Keepsake Urns

Popular for dividing loved ones remains among family and friends Typically hold between 3-5 cubic inches of ashes Keepsakes come in traditional urn shapes but also tealight and cremation jewelry.

Extra Large Urns

Extra Large urns are commonly selected for people over 6 Feet tall or over 230 lbs.

Cremation Jewelry

Cremation Jewelry holds minimal amount of ashes and is used as a piece of remembrance of your loved one.