10 Unique Urns you didn’t even realize were an option


In the intricate canvas of human existence, painted with colors of joy and sorrow, there lies an undeniable bond, a connectivity that goes beyond the time and space. It's in our shared experiences, our laughter, and our tears, where we find solace and understanding.

In times of loss and grief, when words fail to convey the depth of our emotions, we seek comfort in memories, those are the classic treasures of the heart. It's amidst this journey of remembrance that we discover the profound significance of urns – echoes of love and memories, guiding us along the path of remembering and healing.

We understand the significance of these moments, the longing to honor and celebrate a life well-lived. That's why we stand ready to support you, offering you with our diverse yet unique collection of hand-crafted urns.

From personalized designs celebrating passions to evoke precious memories - they're reflections of a lifetime, stories that are waiting to be told. Join us on the journey as we talk about 10 Unique Urns you didn’t even realize were an option.


An elderly man's photo printed on a photo urn of black color

"We keep this love in a photograph, we made these memories for ourselves, where our eyes are never closing, hearts are never broken, And time's forever frozen still."

-Ed Sheeran

Photo urns embody this sentiment, preserving precious memories in a beautiful form that can be cherished for generations to come. All about personalization, it’s a way to memorialize our loved ones, combining the practicality of an urn with the emotional connection of a loved photograph. These distinctive memorials serve as a lasting tribute to those we hold dear, allowing us to keep their memory alive in a beautifully hand-crafted urn.

They transform into beautiful mirrors reflecting the essence of the individual. Each image tells a story, capturing not just a smiling face but also the essence of a person—their personality, their love, and the moments that define them.

One such photo urn from our collection is the ‘Adult Embrace Black Portrait Cremation Urn.’ Hand-crafted by skilled artisans with care and attention to detail, this unique urn provides a dignified resting place for the ashes of a loved one while also serving as a beautiful tribute to their life. Its sleek black design offers a timeless elegance, complemented by the addition of a customizable photograph and text.

Photo urns offer a meaningful way to honour the memory of our loved ones, blending practicality with sentimentality in a way that is both comforting and profound.


Soul bird cremation urn jewelry

“Preserving the Essence of Departed Souls”

It is rooted in ancient beliefs that birds serve as messengers of the divine. Across cultures, birds are considered as conduits between the earthly realm and the spiritual plane, embodying the souls of the departed and carrying them to their eternal resting places.

In many traditions, birds hold a sacred status as symbols of the soul's journey beyond life. They symbolize love, freedom and peace. Their flight represents liberation from earthly constraints, while their presence signifies the continuation of life beyond physical existence.

Hand-crafted with love, the Adult Silver Soul Bird Male Cremation Urn embodies both elegance and reverence. Made from high-quality brass with polished silver finish, this urn for ashes serves as a dignified final resting place for the cherished remains of a loved one.

Soul Bird Cremation Urns serve as a soulful resting place for our loved ones and to commemorate the loved one’s eternal journey beyond time and space.


Butterfly wings shaped cremation urns

“Transforming memories into wings of hope.”

Evoking notions of freedom and flight, butterfly urns hold the belief of life beyond physical existence. The possibility of soaring into the vast expanse of the skies, carrying a profound message, ‘from the depth of loss, there arises a fresh chapter of existence.’

The Wings of Hope Lavender Cremation Urn is a stunning tribute, hand-crafted from brass and aluminium alloy. Enhanced with our exclusive Gloss coat, the hand-applied pearlescent finish gives the urn a glossy, protective, and non-tarnishable sheen. This unique urn symbolizes the journey of the soul into the afterlife. Each urn can be personalized with a single line of engraving, creating a meaningful tribute to your loved one.

Butterfly Urns offer comfort and reassurance, guiding us through life's transitions with grace and dignity.


Pigeon shaped Porcelain urns


“Preserving Memories, Embracing Elegance.”

Porcelain urns mark a contemporary shift in funerary artistry, distinguished by their delicate design yet enduring nature. These urns stand as artistic tributes, personifying both strength and power.

The Love Dove Standard Adult Urn epitomizes the essence of porcelain craftsmanship. Its textured white surface, adorned with gentle curves, evokes a sense of serenity and tranquillity. Highly resistant to corrosive chemicals, it’s not only an urn for ashes but also as an eternal tribute to a loved one's memory.

With its enduring beauty and durability, the porcelain cremation urns promise to safeguard precious memories for generations. As a piece of art, it brings comfort and peace to any space it inhabits.


Portrait printed wooden urn


“Honoring Life's Journey with Timeless Elegance”

Wood urns are a symbol of the eternal cycle of life, evoking a sense of serenity and reverence. Hand-crafted from warm, natural wood, these urns embody timeless beauty and tradition, offering a dignified resting place for precious memories. Their durability and strength ensure they stand the test of time, much like the enduring love held for a loved one.

Personalization is key when honoring a cherished memory, and wood urns offer the perfect canvas for customization. Engraved initials, meaningful symbols, or cherished photographs adorn these urns, transforming them into one-of-a-kind tributes.

In our collection, the Custom Printed Heritage Cherry Fishing Wood Box Cremation Urn stands out, boasting personalized elegance. This exquisite urn is more than just an urn for ashes; it's a tribute to a cherished life. Its cherry wood finish radiates warmth and sophistication, while its fishing motif adds a personal touch for those who found comfort by the water.


Photo printed marble urn


“Preserving Eternal Legacies in Cultured Marble."

Cultured Marble Urns embody clarity, stability, and luxury. These unique urns symbolize purity and immortality, becoming cultural icons of tradition. Available in various colors and designs, they double as decorative pieces, enhancing any space with timeless grace. Painstakingly hand-made with natural stone particles that are blended with high-quality resin to give it a strong surface. These are usually resistant to scratches, stains, and heat – highly suitable for all environments.

The Adult Legacy Custom Printed Photo Cultured Marble Urns by MacKenzie are made in the US and epitomize this blend of beauty and significance. The UV printed metal plaque is great for ensuring a loved one's legacy lives on in a meaningful manner. These urns stand as testament to the enduring bond between you and your loved one.


White biodegradable cremation urn


“Embrace Nature's Embrace”

Biodegradable urns serve as a meaningful return to nature, embodying eco-friendliness and environmental consciousness. Hand-crafted by skilled artisans from sustainable materials like Sand and Gelatin, they offer a environmentally friendly alternative for honoring our precious one. The Pearl - Traditional Sand & Gelatin Biodegradable Cremation Urn exemplifies this ethos. In just three days in water or three months buried in the ground, the Pearl urn gracefully dissolves, integrating with the natural world. Its lightweight design makes it easily portable, enabling families to scatter ashes at meaningful locations.

In essence, biodegradable urns like the Pearl offer solace while honoring the cycle of life and the sanctity of nature. They represent a harmonious way to bid farewell to loved ones, embodying the sentiment of gracefully returning to Mother Nature.


Adult Urn Brushed Rose Gold With Crystal


“Forever in Our Hearts: Love Conquers All.”

Heart-shaped urns are poignant vessels that symbolize love, affection, and the cherished memories held dear. Hand-crafted with love and attention to detail, heart-shaped urns embody the sentiment that love conquers all.

The HeartFelt™ Standard Adult Urn Brushed Rose Gold with Crystal epitomizes this sentiment with its unique urn design. Made from durable brass, this urn features a striking brushed rose gold finish that exudes warmth and elegance with its sparkling crystal, symbolizing not only eternal love but also the enduring bond shared with our loved ones.

These cremation urns serve as a tangible representation of the love, kindness, and compassion that goes beyond the physical realm. As the seat of emotions, the heart is revered for its ability to harbor profound connections and sentiments.


Tulip-shaped cremation urns in Red & Polished Silver color


“Memories blossom through love’s radiance.”

Tulip-shaped cremation urns are designed to hold ashes, drawing upon the deep symbolic meanings associated with tulips for centuries. Originating in central Asia, tulips have symbolized various emotions and messages, from love to peace. The diverse color options of tulips allow for personalization, making them a significant yet unique choice in the funeral industry. Each color carries a distinctive message, providing a space for families to celebrate the individuality of their loved ones.

Hand-crafted from brass and aluminium, the Tulip Standard Adult Urn in Red & Polished Silver embodies elegance and simplicity. Its tulip-shaped design seamlessly blends traditional and modern aesthetics, offering comfort amidst difficult times. The vibrant red color symbolizes love, while the polished silver accents add a touch of sophistication. A gentle reminder of life’s renewal.


personalized urns


“Honoring Every Unique Journey.”

Personalized urns offer a beautiful method to capture the essence of an individual's life journey and personality. These cremation urns are a reminder of the meaningful moments shared with a loved one. These urns for ashes are symbols of love, remembrance and tribute. A reminder that while life may end, the bonds of love and memories endure through time and space.

The Adult Embrace Pearl Purple Butterfly Cremation Urn is a testament to this personalized approach. Hand-crafted from aluminium, it portrays both strength and elegance. The serene hand applied pearlescent purple finish and the delicate butterfly engravings evoke feelings of grace and tranquility, serving as a fitting homage to a life lived with beauty and dignity. Through laser engraving and U.V printing, we offer the opportunity to further customize this urn with meaningful details that celebrate the individual's life and legacy.

They serve as a comforting reminder of the full circle of life and passing away, celebrating the essence of the individual.


Exploring unique urn options can offer a meaningful way to celebrate the memory of a loved one. From biodegradable cremation urns that return to nature to custom-designed urns for ashes that reflect personal passions or interests, there's a wide range of choices beyond the traditional. Embracing these unconventional options can provide warmth and comfort during a difficult time, while also celebrating the individuality and uniqueness of your loved ones. By considering these 10 unique urns, you open a world of possibilities for a final resting place that truly reflects the spirit and essence of the one you hold dear.

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