Finding the Right Size Cremation Urn

by Alex Johnson September 17, 2020 6 min read

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Due to the rising popularity of cremation as the most preferred choice of burial and process, cremation urns have become increasingly available to suit the needs of each individual family. It's even predicted that over the course of the next 20 years, cremations will occur for 80% of passings.

Cremations are a far less expensive option than traditional burials. They are also much easier on the environment and have a smaller negative impact. More religious denominations are becoming accepting of cremation as a method of burial. It also allows families with a wider variety of options for what to do with the remains of a loved one. The idea of gracefully scattering ashes in open fields and beachy shores appeals to more individuals than the traditional casket lowered into the ground in one permanent location. For whichever reason fits the personal needs of a family, the rise remains consistent. 

[1.] Cremation Jewelry holds minimal amount of ashes and is used as a piece of remembrance of your loved one. (1 Pinch). [2.] The most common size required is an Adult Urn. They will generally hold ashes of anyone who was 200-220lbs. (15 cups approx.) [3.] A keepsake with a memorial candle in the cap and a hidden compartment under the top. Used for storing small amount of ashes as a keepsake for sharing. (1 cup approx.) [4.]  Extra large urns are meant for very tall individuals weighing 300-320lbs (20 cups approx.) [5.] Medium urns are used for dividing one person's ashes among several family members. (3 cups approx.) [6.] Keepsakes are used for storing a small amount of ashes for sharing. (1/4 cup approx.) 

As the rise in popularity has continued, the options and availability of different cremation urns to suit individual needs has also grown immensely. Everything from shape, color, style, and size can now be altered to suit the personal needs of the family or the individual wishes of the deceased. Here, we look at the different size options and what each means to help keep you informed about what size options are available and what you should know to make the best decision for you. 

Standard Size Urns

The standard, traditional adult cremation urn is typically designed to hold average adult sizes. At its maximum, it can carry the remains of an adult that is around 200 to 220 pounds. This typically translates to about 15 cups of ashes, specifically. The urns that are traditional shape and size sit at about 9 inches tall and are 7 inches in diameter. This is approximately 200 cubic inches of space inside. 

These are the ideal option for most funerals with an adult who has passed. As the standard adult cremation urn, here are the most available options in the traditional urn size and they come with an array of unique and interesting styles and shapes. This is the most popular choice for most families, and they hold the urns of most adults, and rest on a mantle or shelf with ease. They can also be interred in a cemetery or buried in a biodegradable cremation urn. Because of the size and space available, many of these urn sizes are also available for engravings to add a note of personalization to the urn. 

Extra Large Size Urns

The extra large sized urns are the ideal choice for adults who were larger in size and whose ashes would not fit into the standard size urn. They are similar in use to the standard adult urn, with regards to display, although they may not have quite as many options available when it comes to style and design. There are still many unique, creative designs to choose from in both traditional urns, modern urns, and biodegradable urns in the extra large size

Depending on which design and style is chosen, these are designed to hold the ashes of a person up to 320 pounds in size, or around 20 cups of ashes, specifically. With approximately 200 cubic inches of space on the interior, these sit at an average of about 11 inches tall and have a diameter of around 7.5 inches. Among a selection of biodegradable urns, the Eternity line and the Adore line of adult urns are among the choices for extra large urns. These can be personalized with engravings as well to add a special note or memorialization to the piece. 

Medium Size Urns

Medium sized urns are significantly smaller than the traditional size urns. At about 6 inches tall and 4 inches in diameter, they only hold around 3 cups of ashes, each. The interior sits at approximately 44 cubic inches, and is designed to hold the ashes of approximately 18 to 55 pounds before cremation.

In the event of the passing of a small child or infant, the medium size cremation urns can be a choice, although they are more commonly chosen for families who want to share the ashes of a loved one. While some of the medium size urns are designed for a children’s aesthetic and appeal, they also come in many of the same designs as the traditional adult size urn. With plenty of options for personalization, it’s no challenge to find the perfect memorial piece, from heart cremation urns to teddy bears, to formal urns and designs.

When a family has decided to share the ashes, they can purchase multiple individual medium size urns so that each family can take home a part of their loved one. These can be matching urns, for solidarity and unity, or they can be different ones per personal, selected to match the relationship or for personal and individual comfort. 

Tealight Urns

The tealight urn collection is the next urn size available after the medium sized urns. At 5 inches tall and 3 inches wide, they only hold about one cup of ashes. With 18 cubic inches of space, they are not designed for smaller bodies, but for families who are sharing the ashes. They are designed to serve as a peaceful memento and a way to memorialize a loved one, with the act of lighting a small candle in remembrance. 

With tealight urns, they are often selected to match the traditional urn. A family who recently lost their mother, might select a traditional urn for the mother’s ashes to keep in the husband’s home, while their adult children have their own tealight urn in their homes. It allows the ashes to be shared among family in a meaningful way. Many urns, particularly theEmbrace line, have matching traditional urn sets with tealight urns. 

Keepsake Cremation Urns

The keepsake cremation urns are similar in size and function to the tealight urns, although instead of taking on the candle-shape, they match the shape and design of the traditional urns. They are even smaller in size than the tealight urns, and hold only about ¼ cup of ashes. They are also very petite in size, and at only 3 inches tall and 2 inches wide, they fit easily into the palm of your hand. 

Like the tealight urns, these are a wonderful option for allowing multiple members of a family to share in the ashes of their family member. Keepsake urns are also ideal for families who want to scatter most of the ashes, but keep a small portion close at home. Keepsake urns look just like the traditional urns, but much smaller. They also match the design and styles of the traditional urns, as well. Some of the keepsake collections even come in unique, nontraditional urn shapes,like the SoulBird

Cremation Jewelry

Cremation jewelry is the smallest of all sizes for the ashes of a loved one. Cremation jewelry presents a meaningful and heartfelt way to allow one to keep their deceased family member close. They only hold about a pinch of ashes, as the pendants and jewelry are small in size. With an incredible selection of stunning pieces that match any personality, many families chose to get a special piece for a widow or child who has lost their parent. Different shapes and designs, quality materials like sterling silver, enamels, colors- the options are many. They also come in the form of bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and keychains pendants.

Selecting the Perfect Urn or Keepsake

Pick which size urn, keepsake, or jewelry to house the ashes of a recently deceased member of one’s family ultimately comes down to a combination of size as well as personal preference and intent for what to do with the ashes. Share in conversation with family, decide if the ashes are to be shared, scattered, left in one location, and regardless of which decision you make, there are many beautiful options available.

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