Sharing the Love with Keepsake Cremation urns

by Alex Johnson December 11, 2018 3 min read

Considering all the difficult decisions that one must make during the already challenging time of losing a loved member of one’s family, deciding who will keep the ashes shouldn’t be a source of contention or stress.  We understand you’re already in the enduring process of sorting through possessions, handling paperwork, making arrangements, and more.  In an effort to support your process, we are proud of our extensive line of keepsake urns.  


But what are keepsake urns?  Keepsake urns also known as tokens are smaller sized urns that allow a family to divide the ashes amongst multiple members. You shared the love for your recently departed member, so we understand some families might feel the need to share the ashes as well. 


We also offer tealight urns or lamp urns, so you can keep them by your bedside, illuminating our spirit and love.  Our urns come in a wide variety of colors, styles, shapes, and materials, similar to the traditional urns. In fact, the keepsake earns are designed to accompany the traditional urns, so many of the keepsake urns are available as perfect matches to their larger-sized counterparts.  This allows one to have a primary urn for the ashes, but to also allow for other members to share in the ashes with smaller, matching urns as well.


Perhaps grandfather will keep grandmother’s ashes in the beautiful, wings of hope butterfly cremation urn, but their adult children each get to have the smaller, identical version of the wings of hope butterfly for their own mantels to remind them of their grandmother.  With our keepsake urns, we hope that the members of your family who want to keep a family member’s ashes, have the appropriate urn to do so.


Another wonderful aspect to the keepsake urns is that they do not have to match the traditional urn, or even one another.  Naturally, everyone has their own memories and stories that they recall having with a loved one, and no two stories are the same. While father remembers spending time with grandfather watching football games on Sundays or fishing during the early summer mornings, his sister might remember the times she spent hearing him discuss stories about living in Europe or his years in college. Often, we find solace not in finding common stories from those recently departed, but in remembering our very own special moments, ones that are unique to us and our relationship with that person. We understand that no two relationships are the same, which means some families might not want urns that are all the same.


This is another ideal area for the keepsake urns to come into the mourning stages. With the keepsake urns, each family member can select their own individual urn, one that reflects how they remember those they loved. One family member might love how the embrace dolphins keepsake reminds them of grandmother’s favorite beach vacation and her love of sea life. Yet, another family member might feel more moved by the bronze urn with falling leaves, that reminds them of grandmother’s favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, and how she used to host it every year. And further still, another member might simply prefer a bare yet elegant adore midnight cremation urnto hold her portion of grandmother’s ashes. 




We have such a variety of styles and varieties that seek to meet each individual’s memory, that no two urns need be alike.  If you and your family would like to share the ashes and select individualized urns for each member, the keepsake urns provide just the opportunity to do so.

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