Tealight Cremation Urns

When it comes to choosing an urn for your loved one, there is no one-size-fits-all option. Choosing an urn can be a difficult process but an important one when it comes to healing. While there are several ways to memorialize your loved ones, small keepsake urns have been known to help aid in the healing process. One commonly chosen small keepsake urn is a tealight urn. Tealight urns hold a few ashes with a candle that illuminates a warm, healing glow. Here are some ways that small keepsake urns can help you to heal.

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to your loved one's final resting place. More often than not, there are multiple people making the decisions when it comes to memorializing the departed. While scattering ashes or displaying them in a large singular urn may work for some, others need a more personal approach on how to heal. Tealight urns give an additional option to keep a portion of your loved one with you in order to help aid in the healing process. Tealight urns can only hold a few ashes. This allows for the remainder to be used for other family members to heal through their own small keepsake urn or to memorialize in any other way. With tealight urns, everyone is given freedom to heal in his or her own way.

While not all small keepsake urns have a candle, the unique healing aspect of tealight urns is the candle. The candle produces a warm glow that has a healing effect. The flickering light stands as a symbol of your deceased loved one's life and helps to remind you that he or she is still with you in your heart. Lighting your tealight urn and taking time to properly memorialize your loved ones can do a lot of good in the healing process.

Small keepsake urns offer a way for everyone to heal. Small keepsake urns, such as tealight urns, hold a small portion of ashes to help family members and friends properly mourn the departed. While each small keepsake urn offers its own benefits, tealight urns especially help when it comes to healing with their warm light and small fixture. Along with upholding your departed loved one's final wishes, it's also important to ensure that it's the right fit to help you properly heal. To see our beautiful array of tealight urns or to see how they have benefited others, visit Get Urns today.
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