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You should receive an email with tracking information once your order ships. If you do not, please check your spam/junk folder.

It can, if you have multiple items that require engraving we do ask for an additional business day to be taken into consideration for order processing.

That depends entirely on the shipping option chosen at checkout. We offer free ground shipping (4-5 Business Days), Expedited Ground Shipping (3-4 Business Days), Second Day (2 Business Days), Next Day/Overnight (1 Business Day)

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After placing an order, you will receive a confirmation email. Once your order has been shipped you will receive a tracking email.

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Cremation Jewelry

Please carefully read the description of the item you purchased. Some are opened by twisting a screw or ball located on the piece.

All cremation jewelry comes with a filling kit, using that and a small flat head screwdriver, first unscrew the small threaded screw located on the piece.

Insert a pinch of ashes into the pendant/bead using the spoon/toothpick/funnel provided.

Close the piece once more, sealing it with a glue or epoxy if desired.

If you are unable to close the piece, please look for a few things:

Make sure the screw can be inserted all the way into the piece. If not, this means there are too many ashes inside.

The screws/components are extremely small, please confirm the screw isn't being inserted backwards.

LoveUrns pendants always come with a chain, simply lift the gray flap inside the pendant box and the chain will be resting there.

Madelyn pendants come with a black satin cord.

Beads do not come with the bracelet, those must be purchased separately.

The amount of cremains that can fit into cremation is very minimal, just a pinch of ashes is usually what fits.

We do not recommend showering or swimming with the jewelry.

Cremation Urns

This depends on how much your loved one weighed before cremation.

The general rule of thumb is that the weight in Pounds(lbs) before cremation = Cubic Inches in Ashes. 

If they weighed between 225-320 pounds = XL Urns

between 60 - 225 pounds = Adult Urns

Between 30-60 pounds = Medium Urns

For sharing or small mementos = Keepsake/Mini Urns

If it's a classic urn shape such as GetUrns Embrace Butterfly Urn, the top lid is threaded and can be simply turned to the left to open.

If it's a more specialized urn such as the LoveUrns Wings of Hope or Loveheart; the opening is on the bottom of the urn. You'll see a black felt circle, remove the gold logo sticker and you'll see a line, using a quarter or other straight edge insert that into the line and twist to the left to unscrew the threaded bottom.

 We do not recommend any urn be buried directly into the ground without a burial vault. The only exceptions being our biodegradable urns which can be buried or released into a body of water.

None of the urns available on GetUrns are waterproof.


No, if you are in need of a plastic bag to place the ashes in, we suggest contacting your funeral home to request one. They may even fill the urn for you free of cost.

Yes on both accounts. If within the United States, USPS is the only mailing service in which cremated remains can be shipped. As for flying, that is up to the airline used. For more information, read our blog post, "How to Mail Cremains"


GetUrns accepts returns on any product that has NOT been custom engraved or come into contact with cremated remains

No, we do not offer edits of any kind on already engraved orders.

Unfortunately engraved items Cannot be returned.  Once an item has been personalized we cannot accept returns or exchanges.


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