Embrace Dolphins


Dolphins are stunning animals most recognized for their playfulness of spirit, as they are one of the only animals known for how much they love to play for the sake of playing. 

They are creatures who love their social nature and enjoy swimming playfully with a pod of other dolphins. They symbolize a joy and purity of nature that only comes from enjoying games and having fun.  Dolphins can laugh and communicate with their friends, a huge part of their very social nature. 

Dolphin’s social dynamics are also what make them incredibly complex creatures.  They communicate, they laugh, they play.  They are also viewed as highly intelligent animals, able to figure out puzzles and problems.  Although they enjoy simple things, they are by no means simple creatures. 

Because of the dolphin’s fluid movements and harmless nature, they are also viewed as bringers of peace and harmony.  They are often spotted jumping in the surf or chasing the wakes of boats.  They invoke a calming and peaceful nature in humans and observers. 

If your loved one was someone fiercely intelligent but loving and playful, smiling and enjoying the company of their family and friends, the dolphin might be the perfect symbol for them.  Strong matriarchs of the family are also often those who invoke the same symbols of dolphins, as they often bring harmony and strength and joy to their family.

The dolphin symbol is also a meaningful choice on an urn for a loved one who simply loved the beach and enjoyed spending their time there. Dolphins are a popular visage and reminder of the ocean, beaches, waves- all of the elements of the beach.  They are a sight to behold as they leap out of the water, and often bring excitement to any trip. 

They are also gentle creatures, known for their trusting nature as they often swim close to people and boats, curious and playfully trying to engage. They are stunning in shape and their engraving will look beautiful on any of our urns. 

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