Pet Cremation Jewelry


When we lose our beloved pets, our worlds can be heavily impacted, their presence becomes a constant in our lives so when they’re gone, their absence is tangible. However, their memory continues to live on with us forever, our love never fading. Their stamp on our hearts can never fade, we just have to find ways to physically bring them with us wherever we go. 

This is where pet cremation jewelry comes in; pet ashes jewelry is created with a small compartment that allows for a portion of ashes or personal mementos (lock of fur, whisker, claw) to be stored, creating a handheld memorial of your precious pet. Pet urn jewelry offers the chance to keep your furry friend close at all times in a subtle way, so love and grief may be expressed without drawing too much attention to the purpose behind the jewelry piece. While we may be proud of our love for our animals, grieving is an individual process and cremation jewelry is appealing for the privacy it grants to its wearer. Taking the form of pendants and bracelet beads, cremation jewelry comes in a variety of forms to suit every purpose and occasion. 

Commemorate your beloved pet with our gorgeous Pet Cremation Jewelry

Included with each jewelry piece is a filling kit which is made to assist the process of placing cremains or mementos inside of the piece. If filling the cremation jewelry is too emotionally difficult, consider calling a local pet cemetery or pet crematory. Professionals may be able to fill the piece for free or a small fee included with the cremation. Otherwise, the actual process of filling a pet ashes jewelry piece is relatively straightforward and can also be done at home. 

Filling a piece of pet cremation jewelry can be made into its own at-home ceremony to accompany the action of sealing a loved one’s remains away for a final time. For those who are less worried about the physical process and more concerned about the emotional implications from filling a cremation bead or pendant with the cremains of your pet; it’s best to approach the filling of cremation jewelry with the mindset of laying them to rest. Cremation jewelry is essentially a miniature memorial and should be approached with the same solemnity of a burial, entombment, or inurnment. 

We exclusively offer beautifully and expertly designed pieces of Pet Ashes Jewelry

Each pendant, bead, or earring, crafted with the utmost precision and care. Our selection is a wide variety of pet cremation jewelry and pet ashes jewelry along with all kinds of metals: rhodium plated, sterling silver, and solid/plated gold. Pet ashes necklace and beads alike come in various forms as well; everything from bones, paws, cats, etc can be found when looking through our selection of cremation jewelry for pets ashes. 

GetUrns implements numerous quality assurance inspections on jewelry before any piece reaches our customer’s hands. We truly care about our client’s experience and we understand this difficult time should be as free as possible from stress and complications, this means we put much importance on making sure each piece of cremation jewelry is flawless and thoughtfully prepared with every order. Treasure the memory of your animal companions and keep them close to you forever with one of our hand selected designs, chosen with the intent to respectfully and elegantly honor the memories of your furry friend.

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