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Cremation is the process of breaking down a body to its basic elements through exposure to open flames, heat, and evaporation. The remaining bone fragments are then ground down to create what we know as ashes.

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The cremation chamber where the body is placed for cremation is usually only large enough to hold one container with a single body at a time. Identification tags follow the body through the entire cremation process so you can be sure the ashes you receive is your loved one.

Cremated remains will usually be provided in an urn provided or chosen by the family. If an urn has not yet been chosen by the time the cremation has been performed, the funeral home or crematory will place the ashes within a plastic bag placed into a temporary container such as a cardboard box.

To learn more please read, “What to expect when you receive Cremation Ashes”

If you find it too uncomfortable or distressing to transfer the cremated remains of your loved one into their cremation urn, you can always contact the funeral home or crematory who performed the cremation. Often this is included in the general process and they will take care of the transfer if the urn is provided before the cremation is complete. Otherwise, they may charge a nominal fee for the service.

The beauty of cremation is the variety of choices available for the final disposition of the ashes. You can choose to keep the ashes at home in a cremation urn, scatter the ashes in an important spot, or you could place the ashes in a cemetery.
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If you are set to fly with a cremation urn, we recommend a wooden or biodegradable urn. For security reasons,all urns will have to be scanned to ensure they do not contain anything harmful, making wood/biodegradable cremation urns the best option as they are easily xrayed. If you’d like to fly with a metal urn, this is possible, but you can expect that the TSA agent will have to open the urn to determine the contents. This may be distressing so it would be a good idea to call your airline ahead of time to learn their specific rules and regulations regarding flying with an urn.

To learn more please read, “Transporting Cremated Remains”

While searching for the ideal urn for your loved one, prices may seem daunting and even change your mind. With cremation urns though, the amount you invest directly determines the quality of the urn you receive. This comes back to the raw materials used in manufacturing- the cheaper a cremation urn is, the cheaper the raw materials used to construct it.

To learn more please read, “Understanding Why Quality Matters When Selecting A Cremation Urn” and “Understanding The Costs of Funeral Services”


About US

Welcome to GetUrns.com, our company’s mission is to help you cherish, celebrate and commemorate lives. You will find an elaborate collection of metal cremation urns for ashes, marble cremation urns for ashes, cloisonné cremation urns for ashes, wood cremation urns for ashes, cremation jewelry for ashes, scattering urns for ashes, biodegradable urns for ashes, pet cremation urns for ashes, cremation related accessories and memorial gifts. 

We have thoughtfully put together a collection of cremation urn products keeping in mind different needs of families by providing unique and memorable solutions for their loved ones. If the family wishes to keep the ashes at home to memorialize their loved one, they can choose the most popular metal urns for ashes in different shapes and designs. Families that prefer the warm look of wood can opt for wood cremation urns for ashes and those looking for something modern and unique have a choice to opt for marble cremation urns for ashes. If a family wishes to scatter ashes, they can choose a scattering urn for ashes. We also have a wide variety of biodegradable urns for ashes for families that wish to bury the ashes in the ground or float them off in water. 

Apart from traditional cremation solutions, we also offer sterling silver cremation jewelry for ashes for families that wish to wear a small amount of ashes of their loved as a memorial. Many of our cremation jewelry for ashes comes in pendants and beads. We also have a wide variety of mini urns, tokens and keepsakes for ashes for families that wishes to distribute a small amount of ashes of the loved one among family members.

The widest range of funeral urns for ashes - more than a memory.

We make sure that all the cremation products we offer are made from the highest quality materials. We also pride ourselves for providing cremation products that have the most unique designs, colors and themes to cater to different styles. We carefully choose our manufacturers to make sure they follow the highest quality standards.

At GetUrns, it is our goal to help our customers in anyway possible during their time of loss. We have a well-trained staff ready to handle all kinds of requests from our customers. We love to help our customers choose the best cremation urns to memorialize their loved ones.

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