Brass & Metal Urns


Metal is quite possibly the most common material used in cremation containers and, undoubtedly, the strongest and most resilient of all. Brass and metal urns are hardy; withstanding bumps, scrapes, and are virtually unbreakable even when dropped. Brass urns are crafted to last, maintaining your loved one safe and secure forever. 

High quality Metal and Brass urns for ashes built to last a lifetime

Metal urns for ashes also have a wide variety of styles ranging from classic to modern. Often, metal urns simply resemble the typical urn shape most are used to, but now they’re cast in new and unique shapes never before seen in cremation urns: such as butterflies, hearts, and even teddy bears! Innovation in metalworking and casting techniques has made it possible to create urns that are unique in form and shape for your loved one. 

Choosing a metal urn also offers you the opportunity to customize the urn to your specifications, making it a truly one of a kind piece. Personalize the urn with custom engraving, designs, and colors to better honor your loved one’s memory - creating an urn that fully pays tribute to their personality. Engraved urns can carry a meaningful phrase, poem, or scripture that carry great importance for the grieving family. Engraved urns don’t even need text, here at GetUrns we offer custom engraving on our Embrace line and many customers have been pleased to find we can do a variety of designs, like princesses, animals, flowers, and other significant imagery. 

The widest range of Cremation Containers of Brass and Metal

Metal urns can be buried for interment in a cemetery (within a burial vault), inurnment in a columbarium, or even placed on a shelf within the home to keep your loved one near. When using a cemetery or columbarium, be sure to contact them before purchasing an urn to know their regulations regarding burial vaults, dimensions, and materials. Regardless of the place you choose, brass and metal urns serve as the most enduring method of protecting your loved one for years.

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