Adult Embrace Pearl Green Tree of Life Cremation Urn

  • Capacity 200 cu. Inches
    Dimensions 9.5"H x 7"D
    Material Aluminum
    Opening Top-Screw on Lid
    Size Adult Urn
  • The balance and harmony that is seen throughout nature is most often symbolized by the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life is interconnected with all things in the universe, representing our eternal bond with all life. The Adult Embrace Tree of Life Cremation Urn for ashes serves as a worthy resting place for one that moved through life sharing their wisdom and who emanated strength and a bright, comforting energy.

    This Embrace Urn constructed from sturdy alloy metal, has a hand applied pearlescent green finish with a brushed pewter band just below its threaded lid.  The green color on this metal urn is a stunning representation of nature, peace, and tranquility. Embrace Pearlescent have a beautiful, striated texture across the surface of the urn and lid. These striations are formed by the expert craftsmen's fingers as they apply each stroke of paint by hand with precision and care.

    This gorgeous urn also has the option available for custom urns engraving. Personalized urns offer a wonderful tribute to your loved ones legacy. Type up to three lines of text with any of our available fonts. Note: all custom engraved text is final and will be engraved as submitted. 

    Adult Embrace Urns are simple yet elegant in their design; drawing from the classic urn silhouette combined with modern motifs. A full-sized Adult Embrace Urn is 200 Cu Inches (appropriate for a 200 lb. adult). 

    Size: Adult Urns 
    Dimensions: 9.5"H x 7"D
    Capacity: 200 cu. Inches
    Material: Alloy
    Opening: Threaded lid
    Velvet Bag: Not Included

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