Embrace Dragonflies


Dragonflies are stunning insects, easily recognized by their long bodies, quick flight, and most iconic, vibrant colors.  They have almost an ethereal quality about them because of the way their colors are vibrant shades of orange, blue, purple, green, or red, and have this metallic sheen that almost changes pigment in the sunlight. 

There is an element of mystery surrounding them, as well as poise and power, as they are able to move at incredible speeds for their tiny stature. They are often seen as more like magical creatures, rather than water-side insects. These qualities are what make them often a character in stories of myth and folklore.  This is evident even by their name, as they are sometimes viewed as descendants of dragons themselves. 

They have a more elegant shape than other inspects, with a long, sleek figure that darts quickly and majestically from lily pad to lily pad. They often are found hovering near sources of water, or dewy plants. 

The engraving of the dragonfly on an urn can ignite these types of ethereal and magical emotions in us that might remind us of a loved one who was equally mysterious and magical in nature. 

Dragonflies are also known to represent transformation and change, or the ability to adapt to changes occurring around us. Individuals who are symbolized by dragonflies might also be able to adapt quickly to situations and might embrace change in life or in themselves. 

Some cultures also view dragonflies as the symbol of maturity, not necessarily in the physical sense, but more in the emotional and mental sense. As we change and grow and transform, our emotional state also matures as we progress through life.  There is an intelligence and beauty associated with the dragonfly, that often represents life itself. 

The dragonfly is a delicate yet powerful symbol on an engraving, representing the stages and acceptance of change that we all must face in life. 

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