Embrace Horse


For generations, horses have long represented a strong sense of freedom, both in life and of spirit. They are animals known for elegantly and quickly running at high speeds, the wind blowing through their mane, as they gallop through open fields.  They are emblematic of freedom and running wild. 

If your loved one was someone who was remarkably spirited and did their own thing in life, taking advantage of their own opportunity to do as they like, the horse might perfectly represent that sense of nature. 

Horses are also strong willed, stubborn, and determined.  They take control quickly, with their massive bodies and intense muscular structure.  Horses are a perfect example of strength in beauty. 

The horse engraving not only evokes thoughts of the spirit, but also of the traditional, rural American life.  In our minds they might accompany images of cowboys and farm life, that sort of rugged, wild-west aesthetic. If your loved one enjoyed wearing ten gallon-hats and cowboy boots, the horse engraving can evoke similar reminders. 

Horses also symbolize a connection to animals.  As anyone who rides horses can tell you, the bond between a person and their horse is an unbreakable bond and a remarkable connection.  Horses live long lives, and many who have horses spend their lives caring for that creature. When we think of our loved one who had a strong connection to their horse, that is often the first thing we think of.  

The horse engraving is intricate and detailed, depicting the stunning horse head with long flowing mane, with the wind whisking some of the stray hairs in the depiction of movement.

The horse is a powerful symbol of strength, beauty, movement, energy, and a freedom of spirit.  It’s engraving reminds us of some of the incredible qualities we admired in those we loved who are no longer with us. 

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