Custom Urns

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At GetUrns, we understand the importance of personalization when it comes to your loved ones final resting place. If you have a specific design or idea in mind that you don't see on our website, please write to us about it and we will make it happen. 

GetUrns One-of-a-kind Custom Creation Urns designed by you and your family

Sometimes, the urn you need hasn’t been created yet and we are here to help you to manifest your unique vision. At GetUrns, we can help you craft the personalized urn that will immortalize your loved one, honoring their spirit and soothing the sorrow of your family and friends.

Through our network of global artisans, we can create together a custom urn for ashes that reflects the ideal final resting place for your beloved. Our goal is to offer you compassionate assistance, easing the grief of loss with a beautiful, durable custom urn for ashes. Custom pet urns are also an option!

We understand that custom urns for ashes can more specifically reflect your beloved and their distinctive legacy to the family and friends they have left behind.

When you create your personalized urn, you can mix and match from available options in ceramic, metal, wood or biodegradable materials, or create something completely new.

You can experience the satisfaction of creating custom cremation urn that is beautiful, effective and one-of-a-kind!

Frequently Asked Questions about Custom Cremation Urns


What materials can a custom creation urn be made of?

GetUrns’ custom urns can be made from ceramic, metal, stone, brass, wood or paper. Personalized Jewelry Urns can be made from sterling silver, gold or gold-plated metal, brass, rhodium and stainless steel.


Can we choose what the type of artwork and the engraving on a custom cremation urn?

Our artisans are compassionate and skilled and can help you create exactly what you want in terms of design, artwork and engraved sayings for your beloved’s personalized urn.


Will a custom cremation urn last a lifetime?

Rest assured that any type of custom urn you create with GetUrns will provide the quality craftmanship, durability and style of any of our ready-made cremation urns.