Embrace Deer


Deer are wild animals, beautiful and gentle, often seen in forests and the wilderness. They are a sight often picked up by campers early one morning as they look out at first light, or caught in the backyard at dusk, searching for berries. 

They are peaceful and gentle creatures, often moving in small families. Their delicate features and soft brown fur are typically viewed with a small sigh or calming and relief. Deer are often depicted as maternal creatures, specifically the doe, who is fiercely watchful over her fawns.  The males are also known for being vigilant, and ready to defend at a moments notice.  

But for the most part, we enjoy watching their quick, flighty movements or their gentle grasping at leaves to eat. They often symbolize a sensitive nature, as they are quick to start and scare away.  They symbolize an alertness and a vigilance that comes with being a quick potential prey.  They are vigilant in watching and listening for potential dangers, and are known for their ability to be gone in an instant at the first potential threat of danger.  This quickness is also why they are seen as quite the athlete, nimble, sure-footed, and fast. 

A loved one who was the epitome of grace and gentleness might be well-represented by the symbol of the deer on their urn.  The deer engraving reminds us of qualities of kindness, maternity, nature, and bring about feelings of love and care. 

The deer engraving might also be the ideal choice for those who enjoyed engaging in hunting, as the deer is often a prime hunting animal. The connection between man and nature  is often viewed in harmony through the deer and the respect for nature and animal that comes with hunting as a resource of food. 

It can carry two very opposing meanings, but either way an urn engraving of a deer can represent the qualities of both the animal itself, or the sport. 

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