Embrace Owl


Owls are mysterious creatures of the night, solemn and silent keepers of wisdom and intelligence.  They are ever present in the darkness of night, yet rarely seen.  We might hear the occasional hoot of the owl, subtle yet almost invisible as it perches high up in the trees, hidden in leaves and darkness. 

Owls are also known to be silent but deadly hunters, stalking their prey and diving in for an attack in one swift and quick movement. Their nocturnal nature also adds an element of mystery behind them.  They are so rarely seen and spotted, and known as a magnificent predator. They are fierce and have their own unique type of terrifying nature.  They are deadly but calm, with sharp talons and beaks. 

Intuition and instinct are also popular associations with owls. Barn owls, tawny owls, snow owls, regardless of the type of owl, the symbolism often remains the same. 

The owl design on an urn might be an ideal choice for someone who was fiercely intelligent or known for their wisdom and the advice they gave to others.  They might have been someone who was a lover of books or someone who enjoyed writing. The owl would be powerful for someone who was frighteningly dedicated and loyal to family. 

Owls also are known to symbolize femininity and fertility.  Since owls are creatures of the nighttime, they are often associated with the moon as well.  The moon is seen for its beauty and feminine qualities, even going so far as to represent women themselves. The association of maternal qualities, along with the wisdom and intelligence, might make the owls a meaningful choice of engraving on the urn of your family member or loved one. 

Owls are also seen as highly spiritual animals, highly common in Native American culture. It is a well-respected animal viewed with immense importance. 

Owls carry so many powerful connotations that they might make a meaningful engraving on the urn of your loved one. Whether the animal or it’s attributes remind you of those who have left, the engraving is stunning and intricate on an urn. 

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