Embrace Hearts


Hearts are one of the most universal symbols, acting as the biggest symbol of love that exists. The love that is often represented by the heart is something that is also broad in interpretation, ranging from familial love to romantic love or platonic love. Love looks and feels different to every single person, but is immensely valued by so many of us and serves as a key purpose in our lives. 

We devote our lives to those that we love, those we hold dear to our hearts. A heart engraving on an urn is one of the most beautifully simplistic ways to represent the love you had for one who has passed on in life.  Our heart shaped urns also take on an incredible quality to remind us of those we loved in life.

In a more literal sense, our hearts are the life-force of our body. We cannot live without our hearts, and it serves a vital function in the life of every human being.  In the same manner, those we love, those we keep in our hearts, are a vital part of our lives.  The heart can represent someone you love dearly, someone you keep close to your heart, and someone who encompasses your whole life. 

We also associate the heart symbol with our emotions, desires, and feelings.  Many people ‘speak from the heart’ in sharing their emotions or what they are feeling. It also functions as a symbol of affection towards others. 

The heart symbol is also often symbolic of the soul itself, which is the root of who and what we are. Often the soul of a person is the essence of their life, their spirit. In the same way that the literal heart keeps the body alive and is the essence of life, the heart symbol functions as a representation of the soul and all that keeps us alive. 

Whether a heart-shaped urn or a heart engraving on an urn, this is really the ultimate universal symbol for love, affection, romance, and the human soul, making it meaningful and significant to many people. 

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