Embrace American Glory


There is no symbol more patriotic and emblematic of the United States of America than the American flag. The American Glory design reminds us of the pride, the patriotism, the lives, and the dedication of the people to the nation. 

The American Glory emblem evokes feelings or pride in one’s nation, and the strength and resolve that comes with being a proud individual.  It is a strong symbol for those who proudly served in our military, and were willing to give their life for their country. It is the ultimate representation of the sacrifices of so many men and women who serve in the military. 

On its own, the American flag represents freedom and pride of spirit. It is a symbol for being able to choose the life we want to lead and the opportunity afforded to those willing to put forth the hard work for that life. It is also a symbol of dedication and commitment and sacrifice, especially when applied to veterans and service people who were willing to give up so much. 

The red stripes on the flag are commonly understood to represent valour and courage and hardiness.  The white stripes symbolize purity and innocence.  The blue symbolizes justice and perseverance, as well as vigilance.  If your loved one stood for each any of these individual colors, the flag might also make an excellent choice for those reasons alone. 

If you have a loved one who passed who was a member of the military themself or who had parents or grandparents who served in the military or relatives who fought in wars generations ago, this might be the perfect choice.  If your loved one lived their life with firm beliefs in what the flag stands for and enjoyed sharing their national pride, the American Glory symbol could be a perfect selection to adorn their urn with. 

We want to select designs that remind us, in a positive way, of what our loved ones represented in life, and the positive association of what it represented to them. 

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