Embrace Hummingbird


In early spring we often start to catch the emergence of hummingbirds as they quickly buzz in and down and up and around. Small, flighty, and delicate, they are a remarkably quick and nimble bird that is well known for how they quickly hum around from spot to spot. 

They are small, but fierce and have beautifully colored feathers and a long, narrow beak that dips elegantly into flowers and feeders. Hummingbird feeders are one of the more popular ones because the hummingbird is so desired and appreciated in presence.  They are a species that many welcome into their yards and porches with open arms and eager eyes.  It’s no mystery as to why the hummingbird is a desired presence. 

They are often a wonderful memorial bird, because of how they represent this light and playful spirit, young and naive.  They evoke memories of joy and happiness, and positive experiences and feelings as a whole, which make them a wonderful symbol to decorate on one of the urns of a loved one. 

Hummingbirds are often a symbol of good luck and good fortune in some cultures and societies. When spotted, they can represent that positive change is coming or that good things are coming in the future. When etched onto an urn, they can bring about thoughts of positivity, hope, and inspire good thoughts or memories of a loved one. 

The hummingbird is often a popular choice for memorials, often etched onto tombstones or as remembrance tattoos.  We are able to associate them with such positive thoughts and feelings, that we are able to apply those thoughts and feelings to the memories of those no longer with us. 

Some even see hummingbirds as a sort of angelic presence, representing a visitor from heaven, because of the brief nature of their visits and their delicate appearance.  To see a hummingbird visitor can represent the return or revisiting of someone we loved. 

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