Embrace Simple Cross


A traditional cross, in both Catholic and Christian circles, is an important symbol of many meanings. It is a popular choice during times of mourning and loss, because faith is often where many of us find strength during trying times. 

The cross is a symbol of the endurance of humanity, a symbol of our ability to find strength in our faith and to continue to pursue life and joy and purpose.  

The origins of the cross come from Christianity, with the Crucifiction of Jesus Christ upon the cross in his redemption for mankind. It is seen as a symbol not only of faith and Christianity, but of the sacrifices and efforts of Jesus. It is one of the most important symbols, if not the most important symbol, of Christian faith, and is viewed with the utmost respect and importance. 

As an engraving on an urn, the cross can serve as a reminder of the fact that although we no longer have our loved one here on earth, they remain rewarded in Heaven, where they find peace and eternity. 

The cross can also be a symbol that brings calm and serenity, soothing the soul as we are reminded of the sacrifices of others on our behalf, and can serve as a powerful reminder of the goodness of humanity, and the potential of each individual both in life and in death. 

The cross is also a powerful reminder of the sins of humanity, and the forgiving nature of Christ, that souls can be saved and found pure, that even when we make mistakes we are still worthy of love. The forgiveness of sins, the atonement of Jesus Christ for those sins, and the lives already lived and lost, are all intertwined into one powerful symbol.  

Whether you’re looking for a complex reminder of life and death or simply a soul-bearing reminder of the strength of your own faith, the simple cross engraving carries significant power when decorating an urn. 

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