Embrace Angel


During times of loss, one of the biggest comforts we tend to find is that which comes from the knowledge that our loved one is safe, protected, and in a better place.  We are comforted at the idea that someone is looking out over them, as they are safe and sheltered in Heaven.  Sometimes, we find it easier to deal with losing them when we are reminded of the fact that they are in a better place.

Angels have long been viewed as not only guardians of the innocent and those in need, but they are also viewed as the helpers of transitioning between life and death. Angels, in their most basic form, represent purity and protection.  There is a reason why we often speak about guardian angels, or why we feel the presence of angels in struggling times. 

Although the angel is a figure that traditionally emerged from Christianity, it is still widely used and appreciated outside of the religion as well. In the bible, angels often have important roles in stories and fables, and even given names by which they are identified. But the symbolism of the angel extends far beyond that of the religion.

The angel can be a powerful symbol on an urn.  The presence of an angel brings about peace and grace and serenity to an individual. It reminds us that as hard as it is to live life while missing someone, we still have the knowledge that they are alright in Heaven. 

Angels symbolize innocence, protection, and safe passage.  They remain elegant and beautiful for eternity.  They inspire hope and healing, and evoke positive emotions and a healthier relationship with death and dying. If you are looking for something to help you understand and find peace while struggling to cope with loss, an angel might help your healing process.

 The angel will serve as a constant reminder that although your loved one is no longer with you on earth, they might be with you in spirit, as your own guardian angel. After all, even though they may not be with us in person, those we love never really leave us. 

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