Embrace Anchor


At its most simple and basic definition, an anchor is the weight-bearing device that holds a ship in place in water. A ship that has dropped its anchor has found a safe space, and a means of holding still on its position. 

As a symbol, anchors can often be seen to represent those who in fact anchor us in life, those who provide us with strength and support to hold on in the midst of a storm. Anchors are small, but sturdy, able to bear the weight of more than ten times their own size, firmly keeping position and holding strong. Many of us have someone close to us who is our anchor in life, keeping us strong and in a good position. 

The anchor also symbolizes strength and security.  In the same way that the anchor of a ship keeps it safe and secure in rough waters, holding tight to the ocean floor, many people are often someone’s symbol of strength and security. These are two powerful character traits, often admired and recognized in those we love. 

However, the anchor emblem might also be a good choice for decorating the urn of someone who was a lover of the nautical scene.  Every boat has an anchor, and the anchor itself often reminds us of boats, the ocean, or being by a lake or shores.  It is a simple but iconic symbol that represents the life and style of someone who loves boats, had a boat, or enjoys taking boats out onto the water.  There is a freedom and love of the outdoors that also comes with this lifestyle. 

And even further, an additional powerful symbol of the anchor is that of hope.  Anchors are seen to represent hope in the way that sailors experiencing rough waters, might drop anchor with the hopes and prayers of making it through the night.  The anchor represents hope in the same way that we must always hope we are strong enough to hold on or to persevere through certain life struggles or challenges. 

The anchor with it’s chain can be engraved onto a number of urns to represent those we’ve lost, who anchored and provided us strength throughout life, or those who often gave us hope. 

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