Embrace Celtic Cross


The Celtic cross is a unique symbol that bears its roots strongly into Irish culture. It stands as more than just a cross, a symbol of religion, but is often seen to represent Irish identity itself.  Although it can possess religious associations, it is also representative of Irish pride, Irish culture, and Celtic traditions. 

It is a centuries old symbol, dating as early as the 7th century.  It’s meaning and associations are often subject to various historical interpretations, ranging from Christian associations, to Roman mythology, or even pagan roots. Regardless, today it stands as something that anyone of Irish descent or culture is proud to bear. 

Many Americans can trace their roots back to Ireland for generations, and there is often a certain pride that comes with that identity, both culturally and religiously.  Many Irish nationals are equally proud of that heritage, which represents centuries of hard work and perseverance. 

According to some cultures, the symbolism of the Celtic cross comes from what makes it unique, which is the circle that has been placed over the traditional cross. It is even commonly believed to have been created by Saint Patrick himself, a key figure in Christianity and Irish history. The belief is that Saint Patrick, in an effort to share the importance of the cross with pagan followers, combined the sun (the circle) with the cross to join the two in importance. The connection between Christianity and the sun was intertwined in importance. 

Outside of religion, the Celtic Cross can be seen to symbolize infinite love, lasting for an eternity and beyond. This, as a symbol on an urn, is often what many of us feel for those we have lost.  The Celtic cross engraving can serve as a reminder that we love those who are no longer with us, for as long as time itself. 

The cross can also symbolize unity and inclusion, and a bringing together of people and love. It brings and joins groups or families, uniting them as one. The elegant knotting of the Celtic Cross is a beautiful engraving, and as a whole can represent one’s faith, one’s heritage, or one’s sense of family unity. 

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