Embrace Golf


A favorite American pastime for fathers, grandfathers, sons, and any family members, golf has long been an important sport. It’s not important because of the score or because of who wins, but because of what it often represents for those who enjoy it. 

As a pastime, golf is typically a longer and slower paced game. Because of it’s slower pace, it tends to be a pastime where those enjoying will bond, talking over the course of the long day. Fathers connect with their sons, friends share their lives, families reconnect and divulge in their latest news. It is known as a sport that bonds rather than one that is purely competitive. 

It is a game that is often enjoyed on Father’s Day. It is a game that is played at bachelor weekends. It is a sport that is watched, sitting side by side cheering on one’s favorite player. 

This is what makes it a popular choice on some urns. It helps to bridge generational gaps, and is a method of connection between many parents and their children, or grandparents. An urn with the golf engravings remind the family of a pastime often spent together, time that was enjoyed, time where they bonded. 

Golf is also a sport that symbolizes hard work or dedication, as it is often emblematic of those who work hard and enjoy their moments of leisure. It is also an activity that symbolizes business, as those who conduct business deals might find themselves taking potential clients to enjoy a game of golf and discuss details. It leaves individuals feeling relaxed and at-ease in the environment. 

The golf engravings are ideal for individuals who both enjoyed the sport, or encompassed the life ideals for which it represents- hard work, dedication, leisure, and business. It reminds of us moments of bonding and closeness, or special holidays or birthdays.  If you have a loved one who enjoyed these, the golf engravings might strongly represent that person. 

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