Adult Soaring Doves Cremation Urn

  • Capacity 220 cu. Inches
    Dimensions 7.09"L 7.09"W 9.45"H
    Material Brass
    Opening Threaded Top
    Size Standard Adult Urn
    What's Included Velvet Bag
  • The Adult Soaring Doves urn is perfectly emblematic of intricate detailing and elegant design.

    With a traditional urn shape, almost the entire surface of this urn is entranced with textured inlay. The inlay is filled with teal blue paint to add further depth and dimension, and depicts curved leaves and foliage surrounding three doves in mid flight.

    The doves, which have long been a symbol of peace, purity, and serenity, are given distinction with a clear inlay to provide contrast to the teal inlay surrounding them.  With a combination of straight lines and soft curves, this urn has wonderful details yet remains gentle in feel and appearance.

    The symmetry of the teal inlay further adds an element of calming repetition throughout the urn. Made of brass, the body is a silver finish and has been given a gloss coat, applied by hand, to give added sheen and protection.

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