Adult Black & Gold Cremation Urn

  • Capacity 220 cu. Inches
    Dimensions 7.09"L 7.09"W 9.45"H
    Material Brass
    Opening Threaded Top
    Size Standard Adult Urn
    What's Included Velvet Bag
  • The Black and Gold Cremation Urn is one of the most elaborate and intricately detailed urns and is the epitome of elegant design.

    Made from brass and engraved by hand, it is covered from top to bottom with exquisite carvings of leaves, flowers, and repetitive motifs. I

    t is an artistic masterpiece that has been coated with gloss to keep it protected, while all the engraved details are gilded, bringing a remarkable contrast between the dark background and bright gold details.

    The top of the lid matches the body of the urn and reflects similar engravings and carvings to the rest of the body. This urn is unique, and it would be a perfect piece to match the spirit of someone with an attention to detail or appreciation for artistic talents.

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