This is How You Announce Your Loss on Social Media

by Taylor Evans March 18, 2022 4 min read

One of the hardest parts of losing a loved one is having to inform close friends and family of the heartbreaking news. Finding the right words and maintaining composure can be incredibly difficult. Adding to the difficulty is that families have a lot on their plates, from planning the service to choosing caskets or cremation urns.

Other family members and friends may be charged with helping inform others of the loss. Making announcements on social media is one way to reach a larger number of people within the decedent's social circle.

However, it's important to be mindful and respectful when making an announcement about a loss on social media. Here are some important things to consider.

Check-in First

Before announcing a loss on social media, check-in with the family and closest friends first to ensure that:

  1. Everyone closest to the decedent has been informed of the death.
  2. Immediate family and friends are comfortable with the announcement.

Some family members may not be comfortable sharing this type of news on a public platform. Failing to check in first may be viewed as disrespectful, and if certain family members have not yet been informed of the news, a public announcement such as this can cause tension.

Ensure that you get approval from those closest to the decedent before posting. If you do not get a response or the okay to make the announcement, avoid making a post on social media.

Additionally, take the time to check in with yourself before posting about a loss. Give yourself time to process the loss and grieve with those in your inner circle.

Be Thoughtful with Your Words and Intentions

If the family is okay with announcing the loss on social media, then your post should be written in a thoughtful and logistical way. Generally, it is best to keep loss announcements simple and straightforward.

Writing a heartfelt message can be a touching way to make an announcement. However, it is also important to convey some important information to those who may be reading the message. Consider sharing:

  • A link to the online obituary
  • Information about the date, time and location of services
  • Links to memorial fund where individuals can donate and help with funeral costs

Again, it's important to be mindful of the family's desires here. If the family wishes to keep the funeral service private, respect their wishes. Do not share date, time and location information on social media.

If the family is asking for donations for the funeral or urns for human ashes, you may want to share this information on multiple social media platforms.

Regardless of what information you include (or exclude), it's important to keep it simple and be mindful of who will be viewing the message. Check your privacy settings, particularly if you plan to post information about the services, to ensure that the right people get your message.

Choose Your Timing Wisely

When we lose loved ones, we often want to reach out to the community for love and support. We also want to ensure that those who know and love the person are aware of the situation.

However, out of respect for close friends and family, it's important to time your announcement wisely. Wait a few days before posting anything on social media. This will give you time to process the situation and for the closest family and friends to receive the news.

Follow Your Loved One's Wishes

If the descendent has expressed their wishes about handling their social media account or posting announcements of their passing, respect and follow these wishes.

For example, your loved one may have wanted their social media accounts to be turned into memorial pages or removed entirely. Respect and follow these wishes if you are able.

If the individual wanted their accounts removed, they may not want an announcement to be made on such a public platform. In some cases, direct instructions are also given about social media announcements, so follow them if they are available.

Be Mindful of Your Loved One's Online Presence

Was your loved one active on social media? If not, a social media announcement may not be an effective way to notify extended family and friends in their social circle.

If the person wasactive on social media, choose the timing of your post wisely to ensure their loved ones see the message. Another option is to message people directly and privately to make the announcement. Still, be mindful of what you're writing and sensitive to the person's relationship to the decedent.

Choose the Right Social Media Platforms

When announcing a loss on social media, make sure that you choose the right social media platforms. If your loved one was active on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, for example, then make announcements on these platforms. Posting updates on platforms that were not used by your loved one will not reach the right people.

Remember to Respect the Decedent's Privacy

Family and friends may appreciate being informed of the loss and the timing of the service. However, it is still important to respect the decedent's privacy and to keep private details to a minimum.

For example, don't make a public post asking for opinions on whether to choose heart urns, a butterfly urn or keepsake cremation urns for the decedent. If these questions must be asked over the internet, use private messaging for this purpose.

Don't air out dirty laundry on social media if there are disputes among family members. Be respectful. Keep it simple and take further conversation off of social media.

Final Thoughts

Social media can be an effective way to announce the loss of a loved one. However, it is important to be respectful and mindful of the feelings and wishes of those closest to the decedent.

Check in with family and friends first to make sure that it's okay to make the announcement. Be respectful of the family's and decedent's wishes. Time your post wisely, and choose the right social media platforms.

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