Custom Printed Heritage Flying Dove Wood Box Cremation Urn

Size Guide
  • Capacity 213 cu. Inches
    Outside Dimensions 8.5"L x 6.75" W x 5"H "
    Inside Dimensions 7.7"L x 6.0 " W x 4.6"H
    Material Wood Composite
    Opening Bottom plate secured by screws
    Size Adult Urns
  • The Custom Printed Heritage Flying Dove Wood Box Cremation Urn is a perfect resting place for someone who embodied freedom and peace.

    With their pure white feathers, doves often symbolize innocence and purity.  This purity can be seen to soothe the soul and calm the spirit. Their message is especially powerful because it exists across multiple religions and cultures in very similar fashions.  The uniformity in its presence is consistent. 

    This Heritage Cremation Urn is a bright pure white and glossy finish that brings attention to the vibrant colors in this design. The custom heritage wood box urns are uniquely printed using state of the art full UV printing technology. UV inks capture true rich colors that not only look vibrant but are made to stand the test of time.

    Every order is carefully reviewed by our expert graphic designers and created in a way that will look it's aesthetically best.

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