Tulip™ Ashes Pendant Pearl Red & Polished Silver

  • Capacity A Pinch
    Dimensions 0.58"W 0.71"H
    Material 925 Sterling Silver
    Opening screw located at back
    What's Included Elegant Treasure Box™
    20 Sterling Silver Snake Chain with filling and care kit 20" Sterling Silver Snake Chain with filling and care kit
  • The Tulip™ Ashes Pendant in Pearl Red and Polished Silver by LoveUrns® is a compassionate and nature-inspired jewelry piece that allows you to hold a cherished remembrance of your loved one close to your heart, forever preserving the profound bond you share.

    Drawing inspiration from the enchanting beauty of nature's blossoms, this pendant mirrors the delicate petals of a tulip with its lustrous pearl red hue, evoking a sense of natural grace and elegance.

    This pendant holds a precious compartment where a small pinch of ashes can be lovingly placed, granting you the opportunity to carry a tangible token of your loved one's memory with you wherever your journey takes you.

    The Tulip™ Ashes Pendant is meticulously crafted from high-quality sterling .925 silver, ensuring both its value and durability for everyday wear. Its RhodiumCoat™️ finish enhances its radiant appearance and provides exceptional protection against tarnishing, safeguarding this cherished keepsake for years to come.

    This pendant is a tangible and compassionate reminder of the profound love and treasured memories you hold dear. By wearing it close to your heart, you can feel the enduring presence of your loved one, forever united in a bond that transcends the constraints of time.

    Sterling 925 Silver Necklace included with Pendants

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