10 Unique & Beautiful Marble Cremation Urns in 2024

by Taylor Evans April 15, 2022 4 min read

Cremation urns are made with numerous materials, including brass, metal, biodegradable materials, wood and many other materials. But marble and stone are two of the most common material choices.

Marble urns for human ashes are classy, upscale and beautiful.

But did you know that there are 10 different types of marble urns to choose from? What's the right type for your loved one? Let's find out.

10 Types of Marble Urns You Must Consider

1. Traditional Urns

If you're looking for a traditional urn, marble is a great option, too. You'll find many square and oval urns that are timeless and offer a beautiful way to hold someone's ashes. You'll also find that there are options in all budget ranges.

2. Keepsake Urns

A keepsake urn is a smaller urn that is the right choice if you plan on:

  • Giving some ashes to friends and family
  • Scattering most ashes but want to keep some on you

Marble keepsake urns are an excellent way to hold onto a piece of your loved one.

3. Pet Urns

One trend that we've been witnessing is that people are having their pets cremated. Pets have become the new children for many in younger generations. These urns are often:

  • Smaller in size
  • Include decorative elements

For example, many of the decorative elements may include something along the lines of paw print urns for a dog or cat.

4. Clock Urns

Have you always wanted to have an urn that was functional? Many people place urns onto a fireplace mantel for the world to see, and while they're beautiful, these urns have no "life" to them. However, clock urns are an option that many people are turning to for their loved one's ashes.

Clock urns are like your normal urn, but they have a clock on the face of them that's 100% functional.

5. Art Urns

Marble has long been the medium for some of the world's most exquisite sculptures. All you have to do is look at Italy's rich art history to find that marble is a great art medium. Today, many urns have broken away from the typical square or vessel look to offer:

  • Art urns
  • Statue urns

These urns are exceptionally beautiful and honor a deceased person in ways that other types of urns cannot.

6. Angel Urns

When people pass on, their loved ones often think of them as watching over them or being their "guardian angel." Angel urns are a very common choice for marble, and they allow for a constant reminder of the person who has passed on.

Add in a beautiful quote or saying, and your angel urn will be even more spectacular.

7. Colored Marble Urns

We have a wide range of colored marble cremation urns that offer a simplicity and beauty that cannot be found elsewhere. Solid colors, stripes, checkered and even red are offered. These marble options are beautiful keepsakes and benefit from the durability of marble that you cannot find elsewhere.

8. Infant Urns

Sadly, infants also pass on and leave their distraught parents to memorialize their lives in a meaningful manner. You'll find that there are urns for smaller volumes of ashes, such as for the remains of an infant or younger child.

Heart urns are a prime example of an urn type that you can engrave with the infant's name and the date range that they were on this planet.

9. Religious Connotation Urns

Religion plays a major role in the cremation of some people. If you or the deceased are religious, you'll find more than enough urns that have praying hands or religious sayings on them.

10. Companion Urns

Companion urns are two urns in one. As you've probably guessed, the idea is that a couple can keep their ashes in the urn. For example, many people have their ashes kept with their spouses so that even in death, the two are never apart.

Understanding Urn Prices

Choosing the right urn for your loved one is a highly personal choice that cannot be taken lightly. You'll need to spend a lot of time considering your choice for urns because there are so many styles, materials and prices.

A few of the things you'll want to consider when purchasing an urn are:

  • Size: What size urn do you really need? If you plan on scattering most of the ashes at your loved one's favorite location, you'll need a smaller urn, which will save you money.
  • Design: Basic designs will cost less than intricate urns. Consider which colors and decorations are a must-have before making your final choice on an urn.
  • Material: If you're reading this article, you likely have considered the multiple materials that urns are constructed from. However, even marble has different types available. Pricing will depend on these two types of marble, which we'll discuss more below.

Finally, at the end of the day, you need to find an urn that also fits into your budget.

What Type of Marble is Used in Urns?

There are many different types of marble urns that people buy for their loved one's ashes. But there are also two types of marble to consider:

  1. Natural marble is quarried and is naturally beautiful, heavy and millions of years old. Did you know that marble is actually crystallized limestone that goes through a process that takes millions of years?
  2. Cultured marble is the second option, and while it looks just like natural marble, this version of the stone is manufactured. People often choose cultured marble because it's less expensive than the natural variety.

Marble urns are some of the oldest forms of urns in history. We even have examples of Ancient Romans, Greeks and Egyptians using marble to hold ashes.

While many examples have been lost to time, there are marble examples that still exist today due to the durability of the stone. Intricate and beautiful, marble makes for some of the best urns for longevity, beauty and detail.

We offer cremation urns for sale that fit into every style and budget.

Click here to browse all of our cremation urns.

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