Paw Print Cremation Urn & Jewelry


Our pets leave a stamp of their paws on our hearts, forever imprinting their presence into our very existence. When they pass on, our souls bear the weight of their loss, leaving us with only our love and memories to help us pull through. What better way to commemorate their memory than with the purchase of a paw print cremation urn?

Commemorate your beloved pet with our gorgeous Paw Print Cremation Urn

A cremation urn with a smattering of paw prints is the perfect place to lay your beloved animal companion to rest forever. The paw prints beautifully signifying our pet’s walk across the rainbow bridge to wait for us. Cremation jewelry is also a great option as an addition to the cremation urn you choose, serving as a mobile memorial for you to always carry your pet close to your heart.

Commemorate your beloved pet with our gorgeous Paw Print Jewelry

Cremation jewelry offers the option to carry a bit of your pet’s cremains, a lock of fur, a whisker, or a claw so you can always keep your best friend right with you.
Take a look at GetUrns selection of paw print cremation urns and paw pet cremation jewelry to find the best place to lay your precious pet to rest.

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