5 Beautiful Tea Light Urns for Ashes

5 Tealight Cremation Urns

Tealight urns possess an intimate charm, designed to cradle our cherished loved ones ashes with illuminating care. Within our extensive catalog, a realm of exquisite choices awaits, each radiating with the brilliance of demand and affection. Here, we proudly present a glimpse into the array of sought-after options that speak to your heart:


Reflections is one of the best-selling tea light urns in our collection, and it’s easy to see why: it’s a stunning urn. The Reflection of Soulurn beautifully features hand carved doves on the exterior, with some being cutouts that allows the flame of the tealight candle to flicker through the urn.

When lit, the surrounding walls will light up, with soaring dove shapes cascading onto the wall.

The urn’s specs are:

  • 12 cubic inches of capacity
  • Dimensions of 6.25” H x 4.5” D
  • Brass material option
  • Bottom screw-on lid

You'll receive your urn in a velvet box. Each urn is handmade by artisans who pay special attention to detail with the reflections collection. You can laser engrave your urn to add the personalized touch of your loved one's spirit.

Reflection urns for human ashes also come in additional styles that you’ll love:

1. Reflections of Spirit Cremation Urn

The Reflection of Spirit urn features whimsical dragonflies instead of doves. A symbol of the spirit, transformation, adaptability, and a reminder to cherish every moment; these dragonflies are beautiful and will flicker on your wall and ceiling.

The exterior of this urn has a lovely golden tint and has GlossCoatTM protection for added appeal and has the same dimensions and holding capacity.

2. Reflections of Love Cremation Urn

Similar to the Spirit version, this urn has a bronze color exterior that features varying shaped hearts cut into the exterior. Hearts are a universal symbol of enduring love and a top choice for cremated ashes. When you light the tealight candle, the flicker of light will engulf the room with hearts.

3. Reflections of Life Cremation Urn

Finally, our Reflection of Life urns are another great choice for anyone that has passed who’s soul resembled that of a free spirit and always tried to get the most out of life. Often associated with a person being “free” and entering their adulthood by featuring transformative butterfly designs, that will fill the room with stunning butterflies and bring a sense of serenity to the memorial of your loved one.

If you want to carry the person’s ashes with you, all of these pieces have a matching piece of cremation jewelry that pairs with them very well. You'll find pendant and bracelet options that match the tealight urns perfectly.

Don't like any of the urns above?

The Blessing Birds collection is also a beautiful option that anyone will be happy to have their ashes placed inside.

4. Blessing Birds

Blessing Birds is one of the cutest urns in our collection, and the main choice is “Gold Blessings.”  Offered as a keepsake, the exterior features pink enamel and gold tones engravings. You’ll find a sweet, golden bird nestled among the flowers on the exterior. The design features branches, leaves, and petals that you can envision the person’s spirit on in the afterlife.

Offering a larger capacity of 18 cubic inches, you can fit a small portion of ashes in this tealight urn and then add the remainder to another urn if you wish.

The beautiful tealight sits in the middle of this brass urn, which has dimensions of 5” H x 3.5” D.


We do offer laser engraving and fast shipping of this urn.

Tealight Silver Blessing Birds Cremation Urn

Pink isn’t a color for everyone, so we also offer the Silver Blessing Birds cremation urn. The urn is a stunning work of art that has the same capacity and dimensions as its gold counterpart. Key differences are seen in the silver base and ring at the top of the urn.

Silver goes perfectly with the urn’s blue enamel and white-silver design.

The bird, leaves, petals and flowers are all in a beautiful white-silver color, with a stunning blue background giving the illusion of a blue sky. Silver Blessing Birds is a perfect for alternative for anyone who doesn’t like the pink and gold coloring of the previous urn.

Do you love these tealight urns? We have matching jewelry options that allow you to place a small amount of ashes in.

5. Embrace Tealight Urns

Our Embrace collection features a wide range of beautifully vibrant colored and pearlescent toned tealight urns with a variety of designs to match your loved one’s personality.

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