5 Interesting Ways to Customize a Cremation Urn in 2024

1. Selecting a Beautiful Engraving Design on Our New Drop Line of Urns

The LoveUrns Drop collection is a new line of cremation urns for ashes that combines a beautiful teardrop aesthetic with a large area for personalization on its multi colored stainless steel finishes.

The teardrop urns for ashes that we’re offering come in six main design patterns:

  1. Doves: Stunning with navy and bru pewter, this urn has an array of doves engraved on the face of the urn, where you can also engrave the person’s name, birth and death date and a quote.
  2. Butterflies: Fly high like a butterfly. This beautiful urn is a perfect choice for anyone who was a free spirit in life and will remain the same in your memory.
  3. Motorcycle: If your loved one always wanted to ride into the sunset on their motorcycle, this is a great urn for them. A powerful motorcycle is engraved on the metal face with room for engravings. The base of this teardrop urn is black, making it a timeless classic that will honor your loved one.
  4. Dragonflies: A green shell and golden engraving area make the dragonfly urn an immediate hit. The urn has a large space for engraving a message to remind you of your lost loved one.
  5. Hearts: The person who passed on may be gone, but they’ve left a mark on your heart forever. Urns for human ashes often have heart designs as a way to remember the love the person gave to this world.
  6. Roses: A shaded grey color is used on the urn’s exterior and adds an almost 3D effect to the piece. The engraved area is a light pink, just like a rose, and the roses are engraved with multiple sizes. Add your own saying and text to the engraving to customize the urn further.
Drop collection of Urns with custom theme engraving

2. Custom Photo UV Printing

UV printing allows us to offer one of the best ways to customize an urn. Urns for adult ashes – or kids – can feature an engraving that you choose from your own memories. You simply supply us with a photo that we will help enhance if necessary and then use our high end UV printing technology to apply a vibrant full color application to your memorial.


UV printing technology allows us to directly print every last detail of the photo onto the urn so that it:

  • Preserves the person’s memory right on the urn
  • Never misses a shadow or key detail

Adding a photo engraving is just the start of what our custom engraving offers. You can also have the person’s name, date of birth and death, sayings, quotes or anything else the person likes to the urn.

You can submit any photo that you like to us for engraving, but we do have a few recommendations to make the process even more special:

  • Choose an up-close photo
  • Look for vibrant colors and details
  • Pick a photo with the person laughing, showing joy or something else

Our design team will then take the photo, enhance it and bring a truly special engraving to life right on the urn’s surface.

3. Engraving on Cremation Jewelry

three drop cremation jewelry pendants with hands on background

An ashes keepsake can also be engraved in addition to your metal urn. Our collection of jewelry includes pendants, bracelets and more. However, our TadBlu men’s cremation bracelets show the true beauty of engraving.

Urn jewelry is a way to unite with someone who has passed on to the other side and still hold a piece of them close to your heart.

You can have us engrave a small portion of the jewelry, adding the person’s:

  • Initials
  • Birth year
  • Birth date
  • Nickname
  • Single Clipart

Since the surface area of these items is smaller, your text must be succinct and small enough to fit in the space.

Cremation jewelry allows you to place a small portion of the person’s ashes into an interior chamber. The chamber is well hidden but offers a secure, tight fit to ensure that ashes never fall out of it. We offer men’s and women’s options along with engravings to truly make the item one-of-a-kind.

If you don’t prefer bracelets, we have a growing list of pendants and other items that you can choose from.

4. Double Sided Engraving

Do you want an urn that will tell your loved one’s story? Double sided engraving is the customization option for you, and we offer this option with our Embrace collection.

Doubled sided engraving allows you to add four lines of text on the front of the urn and five lines of text on the back. Of course, the front of the urn will also feature an engraved design.

The front and back engravings provide you with ample space to share:

  • Your loved one’s story
  • A beautiful memorial poem or quote
  • Memories
  • Prayers

Front engravings are typically reserved for the loved one’s name, birth and death dates, and a few loving words. However, the beauty of a custom urn is that you don’t necessarily have to follow this trend. You can use this engraving space to say whatever you want.

What are the Text Limits for Front and Back Engravings?

  • Each line on the front engraving can contain up to 35 characters, for a total of 140 characters for all four lines (about 20-35 words).
  • The back text can contain up to 150 characters (about 21-38 words).

The Benefits of Double Sided Engraving

Double sided engraving offers many benefits over other customization options:

  • Greater personalization. Having five additional lines of text allows you to really personalize the urn and share your own unique message.
  • Tell your loved one’s story. It can be difficult to summarize your loved one’s life in just 3-4 lines, we want you to feel that you can tell as much about your loved one as possible. Double engraving provides you with more space to share their story.
  • Comfort in difficult times. Many people use this additional space to engrave prayers or memories, which can bring comfort while grieving their loved one’s loss.

To choose double sided engraving for an Embrace urn, click the “Personalize It” button and select “Double Sided” under options. You will be provided with text boxes for each side. You will also have the option to choose your preferred font.

5. Fully Custom Design Made by Our Graphic Designers

If you’re looking for truly custom adult urns, our graphic designers are here to help. While we offer a wide range of designs and customization options, we understand that every person is unique and has their own personality. For this reason, we offer custom design services to meet your needs.

The skilled and compassionate artisans of GetUrns will work closely with you to ensure that we bring your vision to life, no matter how complex the design.

Our graphic designers have created custom urn artwork designs featuring:

  • Dragons
  • Cars
  • Mermaids
  • Musical instruments
  • Farm animals
  • Flowers
  • Many More

You can view our portfolio of custom designs on our Custom Urns page.

We make the customization process as simple as possible. Just fill out the form on our page and provide us with the following details:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Size (adult, medium, keepsake or tealight)
  • Color
  • Information about the design
  • Design file (optional)

The Benefits of a Fully Custom Urn

Personalizing one of our standard urns is a wonderful way to memorialize your loved one. However, there are many advantages to choosing a fully custom design.

  • Truly unique. When you choose a fully custom urn, you can be sure that the design is one-of-a-kind and a true reflection of your loved one’s personality or life.
  • Combining custom artwork with any size, color or shape that we offer gives unlimited options for creating a special memorial.

Custom urns are a truly beautiful way to remember your loved one in a way they would have wanted. Our network of artisans is here to help make your design ideas a reality, so please reach out to us by filling out the form on our Custom Urns page to start the design process.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for urns for mom or memorable keepsake urns, there are a number of ways to customize your urn with GetUrns. From laser engraving to photo UV printing and fully custom designs, we can help you create an urn that honors your lost loved one. We understand the difficulty and importance of each individual purchase, which is why we welcome you to connect with us to help. We are available by phone, email or chat to help guide you through your purchase.

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