Cremation vs Burial: Understanding the Choices

At GetUrns, we understand that choosing between cremation and burial is a deeply personal decision. It's a choice that reflects your values, beliefs, and desires to honor and remember your loved one in the most meaningful way possible. During this tender time of grief, we are here to provide comfort, understanding, and guidance as you navigate through this important decision.

Why do People Choose Cremation?


We consciously recognize that financial considerations are a significant factor for many families. Cremation offers a more affordable option compared to traditional burials, making it a practical choice. The average cost of a basic cremation, without additional services, is around $2,500, while direct cremation can be as low as $800. As a family owned and operated company GetUrns understands the need to honor the life and memory of your dearly departed, while offering unique cremation urns that are within an affordable budget.


In an era where people are embracing unique ways to celebrate life, cremation offers a more personalized approach. Families and friends are choosing to commemorate their loved ones in diverse and meaningful ways that reflect their individuality and cherished memories. Unlike burials, cremation provides the flexibility to scatter ashes in a meaningful location, plant them as a memorial tree, or even incorporate them into jewelry or tattoos—an everlasting tribute that keeps memories close at heart. Even when it comes to the cremation urn itself, more personalization options are available. From their lost loved one’s favorite color, favorite animal, or interests; to something as personal as their favorite poem or quote. Any of these memories can forever be inscribed on their final resting place. We understand the importance of personalization during the grieving process. We have a wide selection of urns and memorial products that ensures you will find the perfect vessel to honor your loved one's memory.

Newer Options

As society evolves, so do the options for end-of-life practices. A new concept growing in popularity in the cremation industry is "flameless" cremation, also known as alkaline hydrolysis, or Aquamation, as a more environmentally conscious alternative to traditional cremation. This emerging option, permitted in twenty states, gently dissolves the body using a mixture of pressurized water and chemicals. Aquamation can be a great alternative if you are seeking more sustainable options that align with your core values.

Overcoming Claustrophobia

For some individuals, the thought of being enclosed in a casket and the body eventually decaying can be unsettling. Cremation provides an alternative that eliminates claustrophobic concerns and provides peace of mind. By offering insight on the realm of cremation options, we hope to guide you in finding a solution that brings you comfort during this difficult time.

Environmental Considerations

While cremation requires energy and releases carbon emissions, it is generally considered a greener option compared to traditional burials. Cremation avoids the release of embalming fluids that could potentially release into the ground. Additionally, wooden caskets used in burials are not always completely biodegradable, and even eco-friendly caskets often require a concrete burial vault. Cremation provides a more environmentally friendly choice for those concerned about their ecological footprint.

Availability and Mobility

With limited cemetery space and more suburban communities being designed without cemeteries, cremation becomes an attractive option. This choice provides families with the flexibility to have multiple memorial sites or the convenience of easily transporting their loved one's ashes in an urn, offering a sense of mobility and adaptability. Having options that suit your needs is important to us as an urn company as you find the perfect final resting place to cherish your loved one for many more years to come. Our wide selection of urns ensures that you find the perfect vessel to hold your loved one's ashes, whether you choose to keep them at home or scatter them in a place of special significance.

Common Reasons for Choosing Burial

Embracing Tradition

Understanding the Choices

For many, the appeals of tradition and cultural practices hold significant weight. Burial remains the more traditional choice and is often seen as the default method of saying goodbye and honoring a loved one. The emotional significance and collective consciousness associated with a casketed burial service following a memorial can be deeply meaningful. At GetUrns, we also see the value in preserving traditions and respecting cultural practices. Our wide range of burial urns caters to various preferences and cultural requirements.

Religious Requirements

Religious beliefs often play a significant role in the decision between cremation and burial. Many Christian families view burial as an act of religious ceremony, aligning with the concept of the resurrection of the body. Similar commitments to burial exist within Jewish and Islamic traditions, serving as a testament to the depth of religious and social connections.

Permanent Gravesite

One of the main advantages of choosing burial is the creation of a permanent gravesite or mausoleum. Having a physical place to visit and pay respects can aid in the grieving process and help individuals feel connected to their loved ones, even after they have passed from the physical world. We understand the deep significance of a permanent memorial and offer a variety of options to commemorate and memorialize the dearly departed.

Allowing a Proper Goodbye

For many, a full funeral with a burial service offers the most poignant way to mourn the loss of a loved one. Witnessing the coffin being lowered into the ground often provides the closure needed to navigate the grieving process and serves as an appropriate final farewell. At GetUrns, we are here to support you in creating a meaningful funeral experience for your loved one. More and more, cremation services offered by funeral homes include services that bring the traditional goodbye to families while still ultimately conducting a cost-effective cremation. Our range of burial urns allows you to select the perfect vessel to hold their ashes and have the options of direct burial using an urn vault.

Being Buried Together

Burial offers the cherished opportunity to be laid to rest alongside a spouse, family member, or significant loved one. The sense of eternity, being alongside those who hold a special place in our hearts, offers a profound sense of security and peace. Understanding that bond and desire, GetUrns has companion urns that help cater to these wishes. A common example is a niche for two in a columbarium.

Respecting the Body

For some individuals, concerns about the body's treatment after death influence their decision. Burial can provide a family with a sense of dignity and respect, with the vision of their loved one intact as the day they passed.


At GetUrns, we want you to know that we understand the personal nature of the decision you are facing. We recognize that finding the perfect memorial is of utmost importance to you. Our wide selection of urns and memorial products, combined with our personalized service, ensures that your loved one's memory is honored in a way that resonates deeply with you.

Throughout this journey, we are dedicated to offering comfort, understanding, and unwavering support. GetUrns is committed to helping you choose an everlasting tribute that reflects your loved one's memory and provides solace during this time of grief. You are not alone in this process – we are here for you every step of the way.

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