Legacy Cultured Marble Cremation Urns by MacKenzie

by Taylor Evans April 14, 2023 8 min read


GetUrns is happy to announce our Legacy Collection of urns. The collection is crafted by skilled artisans at MacKenzie Urns, who have been helping families honor their loved ones for over a century.

The Legacy collection embraces the latest printing technology to allow for spectacular and vibrantly colored graphics to be printed and cured directly on white plate without worrying about peeling or fading. Alternatively, these urns can be complimented by a sophisticated custom engraved brass plate.

With the help of the team at MacKenzie Urns, we’re able to provide urns from one of the industry’s most trusted craftsmen. 

The History of MacKenzie Urns



MacKenzie Urns are designed for people who are cherished. Celebrating loved ones since 1897, the company is known for its timeless stone urns that are as beautiful today as they were 120+ years ago.

Three generations of love and passion have propelled MacKenzie in many ways:

  • Unmatched beauty, functionality, and durability
  • Legacy by MacKenzie Cremation Urns are federally patented
  • TSA Approved

Made in the USA, these urns have a long history that dates back even longer than the company’s founding. John MacKenzie graduated in 1886 from a wood crafting and metal forging school in Dornoch, Scotland.

Scotland was in disarray at the time, suffering from a depression that made it difficult for John to find meaningful work.

Immigration was on the rise, with many of his countrymen and women traveling to new countries to find success. John found himself relocating to Nova Scotia, where he built wagon wheels and was known as a skilled blacksmith and woodworker.

Always an innovator, he learned how to make wagon wheels more durable and extend their lifespan. His innovation led to a series of events that would change his life, and the generations after him, forever.

  • John started making funeral coaches through a partnership he formed
  • Coaches led to caskets
  • Caskets led to an immense interest in the funeral business among his sons

John’s sons would relocate to Massachusetts to practice their embalming, where MacKenzie Vault, Inc. was founded.


Collaborating to Create the Legacy Collection

Three generations of MacKenzie family members have kept their commitment to urns that offer 100% satisfaction – guaranteed.The urns in the Legacy collection offer:

Durable Cultured Marble to Last for Generations

Durable Cultured Marble Urns


The urns in our Legacy Collection are made from cultured marble, a durable and beautiful manmade material consisting of crushed stone. Known for its elegance and longevity, cultured marble has advantages as an urn material. Hard work and dedication remain a cornerstone of MacKenzie Urns, and the Legacy embodied the durability that made MacKenzie famous. The urns in the Legacy Cremation Urns collection offer:

  • Hand-sculpted Cultured Marble: Your loved one deserves only the best. Hand-sculpted, cultured marble offers a unique touch in cremation and ensures that each urn receives the love and care to last for generations. With a special casting process, cultured marble recreates the veining and patterns found in natural stone. Because this material is manmade, you can choose from a variety of colors.
  • Break, chip, and stain resistant: Cultured marble is non-porous, which means that it’s resistant to chipping and staining. Whether you choose to keep your urn at home, display it in a columbarium or bury it in the ground, you can rest assured that it will withstand the test of time. Durable materials allow urns in the Legacy collection to drop and never break. MacKenzie Urns may dent or become scratched, but they won’t break open. However, please note that the urn can be damaged with enough force and we do recommend that every urn be handled with the utmost care to maintain its beauty and natural integrity.
  • Direct-ground Burial: Each urn is certified for direct-ground burial. These urns are guaranteed to never need an urn vault to be buried.

If you’re looking for a long-lasting and graceful way to store your loved one’s ashes, cultured marble is an excellent option.

The Legacy Urn collection provides the integrity, care, and attention-to-detail your loved one deserves when they pass on.


TSA Approved for Safe Travel

Safe Travel


The TSA will scrutinize any urns that you plan to bring abroad in your carry-on luggage. Flying with urns can be stressful and tedious, but all urns in this collection are TSA approved to fly.

What does this mean?

  • You can bring them on a plane in your carry-on luggage
  • Each urn will pass through x-ray scans
  • Security personnel will not open the urn

Losing a loved one is difficult enough, and the last thing you want to do is have to talk to a TSA agent who wants you to explain why you’re bringing an urn on the plane. TSA approval gives you peace of mind that you’ll have no issues boarding a plane, nor will you be required to explain yourself to officials.

If you want to ship an urn, the Legacy collection is a good option.

These urns are double boxed for added security, but shippers may not be allowed to transport the urn if it is full. If you need to ship a full urn, it’s important to make arrangements ahead of time so that your loved one's ashes can be legally shipped and will arrive at their destination on time.


HD Color Printing Technology

Vibrant colors are a cornerstone of this collection thanks to advanced UV printing technology. The use of special printing and curing allows for prints to cure instantly, ensuring that they maintain their color and design like never before.

Fast curing also eliminates the need for glue or other adhesive material to be used for your urn.

The ability to print directly on the urn is something that you’ll cherish. Year after year, you can look at the urn and admire its ability to stand the test of time, much like your love for the person that you lost.


UV Printed Designs 

Ocean Sunset

Custom Printed Marble Urn


Sunsets indicate that the day is done. For a loved one, their time on earth is complete, but their memory can live on with this beautiful design. Waves splashing on the beach and a vibrant sunset in the background are the perfect way to remember a nature-lover who made the most of each day.



Motorcycle Urn


Motorcycles allow riders to hit the open road and experience the world in a way that automobiles cannot. This printed motorcycle urn is the perfect way to remember the free spirit who loved tinkering with their bike and feeling the wind in their hair.


Modern Flowers 

Flower Urn


Garden and nature lovers who pass on deserve an urn that “pops” with vibrant color. UV printing brings this modern flower urn to our collection with white, purple, pink, and red flowers.



Lighthouse Printed Urn


Lighthouses bring sailors home and shed light on the darkness. This beautiful lighthouse urn is perfect for fishermen, ocean lovers or anyone who provided solace, wisdom, and clarity in life, even when you were at your darkest moments.



Hummingbird Printed Urn


Intelligent, beautiful, and loving, hummingbirds are known for being fierce and protective over their territory. In symbolism, these beautiful birds are considered a sign of good luck and inspire hope.


Flower Frame 

Custom Printed Flower Urn


Surrounded by beauty, this custom printed flower frame encircles your loved one’s name with elegance.



Fishing Urn

Fishing is a pastime that people around the world love. Our custom printed fishing urn features a stunning backdrop of the sun setting while a person stands on their boat fishing. Anyangler who had a passion for fishing during their lifetime would love this urn as their final resting place.



Dove Urn


Doves are deeply rooted in symbolism and associated with:

  • Hope
  • Purity
  • Peace
  • Spirituality
  • Love

This urn features clouds in the sky, a blue background and light shining through with a dove swooping in.


Printed Cross 

Printed Cross Urn


Your loved one is “going home.” The printed cross features a spectacular cross, clouds in the background and a sunrise. If your loved one was devout and happy to see those that passed on before them, the printed cross urn is a great choice.



Butterfly Urn


Butterflies are a sign of transformation, faith, and hope. In many cases, the butterfly is known for its rebirth and is a symbol of the soul. Since these beautiful insects have many lives, from a caterpillar to a butterfly, they’re the perfect choice for someone who has traversed to the next stage of their existence. This urn features six butterflies with an array of colors.


Engravable Brass Plates 

Our Legacy collection also includes urns with our classic engravable brass plates. These plates can be customized with up to four lines of text and include a detailed design that celebrates your loved one’s hobbies.

Our engraved plate options include but are not limited to:


Tree of Life 

Tree Printed Urn


Our Tree of Life urn is classically beautiful and represents the afterlife. The tree is said to connect the heavens and earth in Celtic mythology and also the cycle of life and death.


Praying Hands

Praying Hand Printed Urn


Praying hands are a way to keep your loved one in your thoughts and prayers. This gesture of prayer is a great option for the religious person who passed on.



Heart Urn

Our lost loved ones will remain in our hearts forever. The Legacy Hearts urn features two engraved hearts, symbolizing your connection and everlasting love.



Dolphins Printed Urn


Dolphins are spiritual messengers and guides, but they also represent freedom, joy and transformation. Ideal for ocean lovers, our engraved design features three playful dolphins leaping out of the water.



Legacy Deer Urn


Our Legacy Deer urn features a stag head design beautifully engraved with laser precision. It is the ideal choice for loved ones who were avid hunters or lovers of nature.



Angel Printed Urns


A classic design for an urn, our engraved winged angel features praying hands, a bowed head and a halo. Angels are symbols of innocence and purity and are believed to bring great comfort in times of need.



Anchor Printed Urn


Anchors are symbols of hope, stability and salvation. Our engraved anchor design can serve as a reminder of your faith, but it can also memorialize a loved one’s love for sailing or being out on the ocean.


Celtic Cross

Celtic Cross Printed Urn


Along with being a symbol of Irish faith and culture, the Celtic Cross is believed to serve as a compass to guide us on our spiritual journeys. We use laser engraving for our intricate Celtic Cross design to ensure every detail shines through.



Butterflies Urn


Symbolic of freedom, rebirth and love, butterflies are a beautiful design choice for your loved one’s urn. Our engraving includes three butterflies ascending to the sky.


Custom Text

Legacy Custom Urn


The Legacy collection offers something for everyone. If you prefer to simply add your own custom text to the urn’s brass plate, we offer this option as well.

These designs are just a few of the many that you will find in the Legacy collection by MacKenzie. We invite you to view our entire collection to see all of our design options. 

Customizable in Every Way

Beautiful and “expressive” are two ways to describe the urns in the Legacy collection. Earth tones and custom engraving allow you to etch memories into each urn that embodies the person’s personality, sense of humor and wit.

Don’t see an urn design that you’re looking for in our collection?

Please kindly see our custom design form to let us know what vision you had in mind. Alternatively, please contact us or give us a call if more convenient. We can help bring your vision to life so that the cremation urn that you choose is the perfect and most worthy resting place for your loved one.

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